75 Affirmations That’ll Help After A Breakup

You’ve just had your heart totally broken. You may be the one who ended the relationship, or you may have been the one who was dumped. But regardless of who broke up with whom, one thing is for certain: It hurts.

When you’ve been dumped, it’s easy to feel like the world is ending.  When we feel like we’ve been dumped, we learned in grade school that eventually, we’ll find it again, and life will go on.  This is not always the case: some relationships — even marriages — are truly over.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re always trying to make your lover like you, and in turn, he or she will be trying to make you like him or her.  But sometimes, these efforts can be in vain; you fall out of love, and the relationship ends.  Although the ending of a relationship is always bittersweet, it can make you feel bad and like you’ve lost something.

After a breakup, a lot of people start to feel a lot of negative emotions.  While the people who break up with you will always have a special place in your heart, you may have a hard time accepting this.  After a breakup, it’s hard to feel motivated and excited about life as you used to, and the pain of losing the one you love can be unbearable.  You may feel like you can’t move on.  This post will help you overcome it and remind you that you’re already moving on.

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All around the world, people are suffering from the emotional pain of a breakup, and the process of breaking up with someone you love can be a very difficult ordeal.  If you have been suffering from the pain of being dumped, you may feel that the only help that is available for you is to try to change your thoughts about the situation, and we’re here to help.  So here are 75 affirmations after a breakup.

  • I am compassionate and lovable 
  • Each part of me is gaining the best profit from this workout.
  • We are on good terms with my ex.
  • I am grateful for the lessons.
  • I am excited to start my new life.
  • I choose happiness, health, and harmony.
  • I enjoy spending time with myself.
  • I will take this time for personal growth.
  • I don’t welcome these relentless, painful judgments and emotions.
  • I choose to let go since I can’t control anybody but myself.
  • All this pain will be eased, and I will find happiness in my life again.
  • The Universe will take me to a better and safer place.
  • I am clearing the paths which I feel have been betrayed.
  • I set free all the pressure and pain of holding on firmly.
  • I am enthusiastic to welcome this new beginning.
  • I will move forward.
  • I am welcoming new possibilities for my future.
  • I choose to free any anger, hurt, and negativity on myself.
  • I am letting it go.
  • I know I have worth and value. 
  • The right time for my true love is coming.
  • I’m letting myself feel the enjoyment, laugh, and smile.
  • Even when the Universe has closed a door for me, but surely there is a galaxy that will open  doors.
  • I deserve the love.
  • In every breath I take, I am producing love, appreciativeness, and healing to each single cell in my physique.
  • I am relaxed being alone.
  • I appreciate my struggles, which do not define me, but they help me grow.
  • My happiness is my priority.
  • Loving myself more, the more I also receive love from others.
  • I am ready and welcoming my soulmate.
  • Time heals all wounds. 
  • I am attractive, nice, and extremely lovable. 
  • I need somebody who will choose me all the time.
  • My life is bigger than this one breakup. 
  • Someone better will come after this. 
  • I am working on myself, for me. 
  • I give every single relationship I have my all.
  • My life will only get better from here. 
  • My heart is healing, and I will be alright. 
  • I am strong and patient enough to overcome my broken heart. 
  • I am taking into consideration the past experiences and using them as my guide
  • I will open my heart to other people once I’m ready again. 
  • I will improved than I was before. 
  • A never-ending love and happiness, I deserve it
  • I am healed.
  • I have lived and loved.
  • Love guides every single one of all my relationships. 
  • I am grateful for all the love I have and had in the past, and I am looking forward to the love to come. 
  • I am happy being alone and spending time with myself. 
  • Now, I have a lot of time to work on who I am. 
  • When you finally realize you deserve better, it’ll be easier than ever to let go. 
  • My focus now is my personal development. 
  • There is something or someone better out there for me. 
  • If it is meant to be, I will let it be. 
  • Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean that I’m lonely. 
  • I am going to be in love again, and it will be magnificent.
  • My soulmate will love me as much as I love myself.
  • I am able to be loved.
  • I will get through this. 
  • It’s perfectly fine to be single. 
  • My heart will heal from what happened. 
  • This happened for a reason. 
  • I forgive myself and my ex.
  • I am definitely capable of loving once again. 
  • Although I miss a few things about my ex, I’m feeling healthier and happier without it.
  • I release the past.
  • I am ready to move forward with my life after this. 
  • I am not scared of letting them go. 
  • I will be able to find love again once I open my heart and let go of what happened. 
  • I will not hold on to regrets or things that cannot be changed.
  • When you’re capable of letting go, you’re capable of opening better opportunities for yourself. 
  • I deserve to love and be loved. 
  • Sometimes, bad things happen even to good people. 
  • I am open to loving unconditionally again. 
  • I am happy in love. 

A breakup is a painful experience, no matter how it comes about.  But, on the bright side, it can be an opportunity for self-reflection.  As the saying goes, there are two things you can control in life: your actions and your thoughts.  So, if you want to move past a breakup, you have to change your thinking.

After a breakup, we go through a lot of emotions, and we may feel alone and confused.  We don’t know what we did wrong, and we don’t know if we can win the heart of the person we lost.  We want to know that there is someone that can understand us and give us hope that we can be happy again

The best way to heal and go on with your life after a breakup is to maintain a positive attitude.  It’s natural to feel low and depressed after a breakup, but you should avoid dwelling on the breakup and instead focus on how you can move on and start a new chapter in your life.  It’s important to take note of affirmations and visualize scenes of how your life will be after the breakup.

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