70 Affirmations To Help With Anxiety

It has become a common practice to include affirmations in our daily life. Whether they are included in our morning routine or carried with us during difficult times, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that they are commonly used to alleviate anxiety.

There are many methods out there when it comes to overcoming anxiety, but not all can claim to be effective. This is why I would like to share with you some of the most effective affirmations for anxiety I have ever come across.

The affirmations in this article are not guaranteed to lead to your anxiety disappear. Still, they will definitely help you take control of your anxiety and help you to become more confident.

Affirmations are powerful yet simple tools that help people overcome anxiety. They’re also the perfect place to start, especially if you’re new to using affirmations. The affirmations below are perfect for beginners because they’re simple, easy to remember, and can be used to improve your life in any way you want. Affirmations for anxiety are statements you repeat to yourself to help ease daily life’s stress and anxiety or increase your confidence. They can help overcome feelings of depression, increase self-esteem, or help you overcome your fears. They can also be used to help improve your overall health by assisting you with health predictions.

Affirmations have been proven to affect your relationship with anxiety positively. Studies have shown that the more you repeat positive affirmations, the more they will affect your subconscious mind. If you have a long history of anxiety, a constant positive affirmation may do more harm than good. Because of the subtle connection between the mind and body, affirmations have been shown to influence your physiology directly.

Suppose you suffer from anxiety or a bout of panic attacks. In that case, you may have read affirmations in the past that have been helpful, but not necessarily from a personal experience of overcoming anxiety. So, if you find yourself reading affirmations from a book or website that inspires you, but you don’t want to get stuck there, or you want to get something that can be used for an ongoing battle with anxiety, try the following.

  1. I don’t compare myself to others.
  2. Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.
  3. I inhale good and exhale what is bad. 
  4. I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously.
  5. I invite peace and harmony to dwell in me and surround me at all times.
  6. Today I will treat myself with kindness and compassion.
  7. With every single breath I take, I’m being calmer. 
  8. I am divinely guided and protected at all times.
  9. I am a lot stronger than I realize.
  10. I am in perfect health.
  11. I forgive myself for not being perfect.
  12. I am relaxing each part of my body.
  13. I am now in control.
  14. I am free of anything that weighs me down.
  15. I choose to stop apologizing for being me. 
  16. At this moment, I choose to feel calm and peaceful.
  17. I am slowly learning to love my best self. 
  18. I tend to my mental health each day.
  19. My body is calm.
  20. I have peace.
  21. I am well, healthy, and strong,
  22. I find joy in the little things
  23. I feel centered and grounded.
  24. Despite my fears, I will live authentically and follow my dreams.
  25. I am free of anxiety and am living a calm life.
  26. I am resilient; I will get through this difficult time.
  27. This feeling is temporary.
  28. I’m healing every day.
  29. I am strong. Anxiety does not defeat me.
  30. I deserve to be happy and healthy.
  31. I am in control of my emotions. I am happy and relaxed.
  32. My fear does not define me.
  33. I am not alone in this. I am cared for, loved, and supported.
  34. I release all negativity from my body.
  35. I allow my emotions to flow through me.
  36. I have the strength to move beyond my anxiety.
  37. I have been through hard things before and have survived them.
  38. It is safe for me to speak up for myself.
  39. I look forward to a happy, bright future.
  40. All is well in my world. I am calm, happy, and content.
  41. I don’t worry about things that are out of my control.
  42. I am committed to my mental and physical health.
  43. Taking care of myself isn’t at all selfish. 
  44. Right now, I feel completely safe, calm, and at peace.
  45. I choose positive and nurturing thoughts.
  46. I take things one day at a time.
  47. I release worry and know that this, too, shall pass.
  48. I have everything I need to face whatever happens in my life head-on. 
  49. I accept and love myself unconditionally. 
  50. My anxiety will never get me to make my own decisions for me. 
  51. The feelings of panic are leaving my body. 
  52. I am safe and in control.
  53. I can overcome every obstacle that comes my way.
  54. I am proud of myself for trying.
  55. At this moment, I have everything I need.
  56. I am surrounded by positive and calming energies.
  57. All is well in my world.
  58. I can feel my shoulders and jaw relaxing.
  59. My breath is slow and even.
  60. I allow myself to feel scary emotions, but I will not allow them to linger there. 
  61. I enter this situation with an open heart.
  62. I believe in my ability to get through tough times.
  63. I feel more comfortable with every passing moment.
  64. I am free and unchained from my own thoughts.
  65. My world is secure and beautiful.
  66. The feelings in my body are normal, and I fully accept them.
  67. I am strong and will get through the cloudiest of days.
  68. It is completely fine to be anxious. One day all of this will be behind me.
  69. I feel and accept these difficult emotions.
  70. I embrace the gift of self-compassion.

Anxiety is a form of stress that affects more than 20 percent of the population. It can cause you to feel anxious, restless, or on edge and can make it hard to concentrate and stay calm and relaxed. But these days, there are more effective ways to manage and reduce stress and anxiety than simply hoping they go away. 

When anxiety attacks, you first want to take a deep breath and remind yourself that things will be okay. But you can’t always personalize this message, and sometimes it takes a little help. That’s why we’re going to share a few of the best affirmations for anxiety, but it’s important to note that these aren’t a replacement for seeking the help of a licensed therapist.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety, and if you’ve been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and you need reassurance and hope and encouragement to get you through it, these were affirmations to help you out.

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