Can You Manifest Multiple Things at Once?

If you’re asking yourself this question and wondering if it could be detrimental to your success, read this article!

The practice of manifestation works on the basis of the law of attraction. According to this law, the kinds of thoughts and actions that you put out into the universe can reflect similar experiences in your own life from the world around you.

This means that positivity will bring positivity into your life while negativity will result in negativity.

Based on this law, then, you can manifest your dreams and goals into the world based on what your mind concentrates on.

Can you manifest multiple things at once or can you only manifest one thing at a time? You can find out more about this below along with how to manifest multiple things and whether or not you actually should.

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What Does Manifestation Include?

Manifestation requires you to focus your thoughts on the goals and dreams that you hope to achieve in your life. This can include small goals that you aspire towards as part of your daily life and existence or they can be something bigger and of a larger scale.

For carrying out this kind of manifestation, you will need to consistently put out positive thoughts, behavior and energies into the universe. Along with this, you will also need to pay attention to what you want to achieve by reminding yourself about it on a regular basis.

You should note here that manifestation alone is not enough to help you achieve your goals. You will also need to work hard towards it so that the universe can recognize your efforts and reward you for them.

Can You Manifest Multiple Things at Once?

Now that you know what manifestation includes, you might be wondering if you can manifest multiple things at once or if you are restricted to one thing at a time.

Luckily, it is possible to manifest multiple things at once by concentrating your thoughts and actions on the things that you want to manifest.

This kind of procedure works in the same way as manifesting one thing. You will need to put out a certain kind of energy into the world while also working hard to achieve them.

How Many Things Can You Manifest at Once?

You can manifest as many things as you want at a given time. The universe or the law of attraction does not put any kind of restriction on the process of manifestation as long as you go about it in an honest, sincere and respectful manner.

When it comes to the things you tend to achieve in life, many of them are a result of manifestation whether or not you are aware of it. It is not always necessary for you to consciously manifest something since our subconscious minds are always in motion when it comes to our inner thoughts and desires.

Thus, there is no real or set limit on how many things you can manifest at a given time. All you need to do is match your thoughts with actions.

How to Manifest Multiple Things at Once

There are hundreds to thousands of stimuli that tend to be present in our environment. It can be difficult to stay focused on a few things when there is so much around you.

In this kind of atmosphere, how do you manifest multiple things at once? What should you keep in mind and what habits should you inculcate?

You can go through the following methods so that you can start your own manifestation process.


It is important to make a decision about the things that you want to manifest at a given time. It is necessary to have a detailed idea about your goals and desires so that you can actually work towards manifesting them into reality.

Ask yourself what you require the most in your life at the current moment. You should also be aware of what it is about these goals, whether big or small, that makes you want to achieve them.

Thus, both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ are important in this case. Make sure you do not get too carried away during this process as it can be difficult to focus on too many things at once.

Set realistic expectations and do not decide on things that you do not necessarily need right now. Moreover, it can be a lot more effective for you to manifest two or more similar things instead of deciding on completely different dreams.


Writing your goals down can also go a long way in helping you manifest them into reality. This can help you gain more clarity about these goals so that you know exactly what to do to manifest them while also working towards them.

It can also serve as a good reminder to you so that you can stay on the right path without losing your focus. Dividing the things that you want to manifest into different criteria can make things easier to understand and focus on as well.

If there are other associated details about each desire, make sure you write these down as well.

When exactly should you do this? You can, of course, write your goals down at any point of the day as long as you maintain this habit. Some good times that can keep the goals fresh in your mind are either first thing in the morning or right before sleeping at night.

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Visualization can be a great way to manifest your dreams and goals into reality. They can also give you some required clarity on what shape you want these dreams to take in your life.

You can carry this out by giving yourself a couple of minutes every day to close your eyes and think about yourself in the future having already achieved that dream. What do you look like? What positive change does it bring to your life? What does it feel like?

By creating these kinds of images for the multiple things that you want to manifest, it can become easier for your mind to work towards these dreams.

If you need a more physical form of visualization, you can simply create a board, drawing or wallpaper that will remind you of these dreams regularly.


Affirmations are positive words that can serve to motivate you further and remind you of your abilities, skills and the fact that you are deserving of all the dreams that you want to manifest.

You can either make use of recorded affirmations available online, given to you by professionals or you can come up with affirmations of your own.

The key aspect of these affirmations is to keep repeating them to yourself out loud on a daily basis so that you can stop all the negative thoughts present in your mind at a given moment by replacing them with positive ones.

You can also try writing them out every day to create a habit. Once you become used to carrying these affirmations out, you will be able to notice the difference when it comes to your self-esteem and confidence levels.

While it might take some time to internalize these affirmations, it will definitely happen if you keep at it.

Eliminating Barriers

There might be several things in your life that might be acting as barriers or obstacles in your path of manifestation and achieving your goals.

These could either be your own negative thoughts, people who try to bring you down, your personal habits, certain events in your life or simply your own lack of belief in yourself and the universe.

It is important for you to make yourself aware of these barriers first. Take some time in your day to think about them and write them down. You can then think of how you can go about eliminating these barriers from your life.

Creating this kind of detailed plan can give you clarity about how to proceed, especially since there are multiple things that you want to manifest at once.

Once you figure this out, you can take it step-by-step to get these barriers out of the way so that you can only focus on the positivity in your life to manifest your dreams.

Making an Effort

As important as it is for you to be aware of your dreams and manifest them using your thoughts and energy, it is equally important for you to make an actual effort towards achieving these goals.

Unfortunately, the universe will not hand you your goals and dreams on a silver platter. It can only reward you with the outcome by taking care of the things that you otherwise cannot control.

This means that you will still need to work hard to do the things that are in your hands. Keep working towards your dreams while also continuing to manifest them so that the universe listens to you.


Having a good amount of belief can go a long way when it comes to manifesting your dreams into reality. Without this kind of belief, it can be quite difficult for you to manifest your goals, particularly if there are multiple of them.

This kind of belief refers to having faith in the universe. Believing that the universe is looking out for you and keeping you on the right track so that you can continue to grow spiritually can help you immensely when it comes to remaining positive.

At the same time, you should also have faith in yourself and the people around you. Confidence in your own abilities and belief in your support system can make it easier for you to manifest.


Manifestation is not something that you can hope to achieve in the blink of an eye or overnight. It requires plenty of patience on your part to be able to get through the entire process.

As long as you keep working hard, keep practicing your affirmations and scripting and keep putting out positive vibes into the world without losing faith, you will eventually be able to receive the goals of your manifestations.

You might even be caught off-guard whenever your manifestation comes true, so keep at it!


Apart from all the other steps mentioned in this list, it is also essential for you to practice gratitude on a regular basis for all that you have already achieved and for all that the universe has gifted to you so far.

It can be easy to forget the feeling of gratitude as you continue to gather more and more dreams and goals. However, taking some time out at the end of the day to go over and be thankful for the good things in your life can help you put out positivity into your life and the world.

This can then make the process of manifestation easier as well.

Consulting a Professional

If you are still not confident about manifesting things for yourself on your own, you can simply consult a professional to help you out. There are several coaches that can guide you through the process of manifestation.

You can either look for these coaches online or through the recommendations of people around you. Make sure you only go to legitimate and reliable professionals so that you can actually look forward to your manifestations coming true.

Do note that consulting a professional might cost you some money but it can certainly help push you forward in this process.

Should You Manifest Multiple Things at Once?

Can you manifest multiple things at once? Yes. But should you manifest multiple things at once?

The universe does not put any restrictions on this either, so you should not feel guilty about this. However, you should remain focused, keep working hard, stay relaxed and focus on the journey so that the results can come to you.

It is not easy to manifest but if you do it right, there is no problem with manifesting multiple things.

Parting Thoughts

It is now clear that the answer to the question ‘Can you manifest multiple things at once?’ is a resounding yes as long as you follow all the steps we have mentioned above. We are manifesting this success for you, so have faith and work hard!

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