51 Creative Pep Talks from Inspiring Women

Okay, so your mood is shot and you need a pick-me-up? All right, then you’ve come to the right place, babe.

A person can have all the talent in the world, but without the passion to work hard, they will never become great.

Passion is what fuels greatness.

What do you love? What do you care about? What do you believe in? If you don’t know, maybe it’s time to figure it out.

Anyway, we all need a little boost sometimes.

Sometimes we need to hear it from someone else because we know the words are true, but we don’t really believe ourselves.

That’s why you’ll find 51 pep talks on this site that’ll give you the little boost you desperately need right now.

Love who you are right now. You’re smarter than you think you are. You’re more beautiful than you’ll ever know. You’re so incredibly capable. Forget about what everyone else is telling you that you should do. Focus on what you MUST do! Paint, dance, climb trees, tattoo your friends, tap dance in the streets, plant seeds, program video games, WHATEVER. Find your MUST and go to that place every day! You’re wise and powerful and you can be everything that you want to be. Hang onto your joy with a fierceness. Recognize your worthy obsessions and dive in. Fall in love with your life!” by Renee Byrd

“It’s maybe the toughest thing you’ll ever do, but you’re going to get through this. And more so, you’re going to get yourself through this. Talk to friends if you can, for sure, but making it through is down to you alone. You’ll come to be okay with that. Take care of yourself like a mother, a lover, a best friend would. You’ll have afternoons of crying and it’s going to take a hell of a lot of grit, but you’ve got this. And if you don’t? Well, that’s okay too. Distract yourself, and try again tomorrow.” by Amanda Robinson

“SPF 30 always. Stop tanning. Your pale skin is just right. Read books in the shade and everywhere else. Keep that precious brain healthy and active. Keep that side of yourself that needs to listen to ‘perhaps lame’ music. Remember the good feelings. And all the feelings for that matter. You are lovely, smart and charming. Your older self realizes this more. Know it now.” by Ashley Brooke Toussant-Bigler

“You are a goddess. Worship your babely self and take care of it always. Surround yourself with beings who support you and make you feel loved, even if you disappear for a bit. Always do instead of should, but don’t be ashamed to curl up in a blanket burrito on the couch sometimes.” by Lauren Gonsalves

“Step away from the screen. Don’t compare yourself to them — it isn’t fair to measure how you feel against what others choose to show you about their lives. Your work has value. Your ideas only seem obvious to you. Creativity IS perspective—how you see the world is unique to you. No, it won’t connect with everyone, but it will resonate with someone if you allow it to. What if, instead of believing you aren’t enough, you just decided you were? Maybe you could be great. Maybe you already are (you probably are). The world is full enough of people who will try to shrink you. Why be one of them? You can be your own worst critic…or your biggest ally. Think about it. Feel that flicker of light? That’s possibility. Maybe you are great. Yeah, you are. Hold that thought. Store it somewhere you can return to. Visit often.” by Dunja Kovacevic

“For the love of God, ask for help. You can still be a badass independent woman even if you ask for assistance. Despite what you may think, we all need a little support. We all need our friends. And speaking of friends: call them up! Text them back! Make time for them! Because they are important and there’s more to life than working. (I know you’re quietly singing Stacie Orrico’s “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” right now. You’re welcome.)” by Courtney Coles

“My friend Rudi once said, in regards to her uncle who refused to see his mother on her deathbed because he was ‘afraid he couldn’t handle it,’ ‘What does it mean to ‘handle something?’ You cry a lot? Maybe get drunk a bunch? Get your fucking act together.’ This never occurred to me: even not coping is coping. You’re doing it right. Nobody ever died of a feeling; no feeling is ever going to be the last feeling, even if you desperately want it to be, so try engine flooding ’em all. Go hard or go home.” by Lola Pellegrino

“Wow, you are gorgeous! You are powerful. No one else can do what you do. You don’t need approval from those around you to know how irreplaceable you are — you just need yourself. Today, remind yourself that you can do anything… because you can.” by Lyndsay Wright

“Did you just ‘over do it’? Did you just get referred to as ‘a lot’ with a little bit of a chuckle as the words rolled out of their mouth? Anyone who doesn’t cheer for ‘a lot’ is asking for ‘a little’ and anyone who orders ‘a little bit of ice cream’ isn’t going to change the world.” by Mei Ratz

“The world is full of mediocre work by mediocre men. You have to raise the standard. Raise it. Set it. Watch them scramble.” by Solanah

“You are more than your skin and bones. You are a beautiful and stronger than you let yourself believe. Refuse to make yourself smaller to be accepted or loved, those people don’t deserve to be around you anyway.Love who you are! Surround yourself around those who love you. Take chances and don’t let your disordered or negative thoughts control and hold you back from an adventure or new opportunity. Life’s too short to bring yourself down! Open those strong wings! Take up as much space as you can and fly!” by Courtney Courier

“You are the only person who knows you. You are the only person that can make something happen. You are the only person you’re responsible for. You are the only person responsible for you. You’re the only person who can make yourself truly happy, or truly sad. You are not selfish. This is just your life. Do whats best for you.” by Asha Efia

“You know what? You don’t need to worry so much about the future or question those decisions in the past. You also don’t need to worry about what they think about it you. It’s none of your business. You are a goddess, created From the light of a thousand stars. You are a smart, passionate, funny, beautiful woman with a big and messy heart. You know exactly what to do. Don’t be afraid. Just do it.” by Denise Morrison

“Don’t be afraid to take up space. I want you to take up as much space as you need — as much as you want. You deserve to be heard and you deserve to be seen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” by Ijeoma Oluo

“Find your safe space. Approach it with grace. Listen to your body. And give yourself the permission to feel overwhelmed. You’ve weathered harsher storms. And the blue skies? They’re on their way.” by Robyn Kanner

“Baby steps. If they were good enough for Bob Wiley, they’re good enough for you. How many more times are you going to be completely punked by perfectionism? If you’re paralyzed by fear, hearing whispers of self defeat whenever you start anything, then it’s time to turn on your heels and kick Fear in the teeth. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll look stupid, and you’ll survive all of it! More importantly, you will learn, grow, and impact. But only if you move. You’re allowed to be afraid for like 8 minutes, but then you gotta haul some arse. Get up, put words on the page, commit, and conquer.” by MiniatureMissy

“After a year here, I found myself so far away from the person I thought I was when I arrived. It wasn’t a factor of whether things were better or worse; just that my life has changed, in the way that life does. And it wasn’t one morning; it was many, until I figured out that I needed to start treating myself better. I’m still working on it. But it’s worth it. Feeling alive and all. My only hope is that you will use these words. Meditate on the ways that you can look a little deeper than I had; let your true best friend yell at you, because you know they care the most, and because they actually do know the most. So that you too can find yourself listening better to your soul than you had before.” by Lindsey Morris

“Hey, you. You, who works so hard. You, who puts so much positive energy into everything you touch. You, a bright, shining light for everyone you know. It can be easy to forget these things and push aside your accomplishments on cloudy days, days when you don’t pet enough puppies, or days when you don’t get a call you were hoping for. However, you are stronger than all these things. There is always more sunshine, there are always more puppies, and there is always someone out there, thinking of you. Regardless of circumstance, you are ALWAYS wonderful, and things are just about to get better.” by Rosemary Donahue

“You are made of breath and potential. You just have to have a little bit of courage, and take one step at a time in the right direction, and you will end up somewhere authentic, powerful, and blissful. It will never be easy. It will always be possible. Don’t wait for easy. Pay attention to yourself and take breaks when you need to. And then get up and take the next step. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. Keep breathing.” by Stephanie McCollough

“You are not a guest, you own the space around your body. Do not hold your breath for anyone. Show up for yourself, make those who claim to love you, show up just as well. You are not a mountain for a man to climb. I love you.” by Kara Haupt

“This is a pep talk for babes with anxiety. Close your eyes and sit with that feeling. Research shows that anxiety takes 20 minutes to pass when approached with mindfulness. This is not going to last forever. Recognize that your anxiety is part of who you are, but not all of who you are. Discomfort is often a sign of pushing our boundaries and reshaping ourselves. Your anxiety signals that you are on the brink of earth-shattering things. As you sit with your anxiety, tell it that it’s just a harbinger of good things to come, and you aren’t going to let it stop you.” by Lola

“You are a ball of fire. You are a flaming, feisty, bold ball of fire. You may feel like you get extinguished a lot, but you are set ablaze more times than you are drowned. You are smart, you are unique, you are interesting, you are creative, you are capable and you are important. You can kick ass when you set your mind to it. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. Don’t stop believing in your ass kicking skills, ever!” by Maham Insha

“Allow happiness into your life. It’s not a front. Don’t be scared. It’s REAL. Acknowledge it. Bask in it. Bad shit is going to happen no matter what. You can’t avoid these life lessons in the form of disasters, heartbreak and shitty days. You’ve been hurt in the past and being unhappy was a safe feeling for you. But things are different now. You’re older. You’re softer. Your heart has never been so big. You’ve stepped out of your cave of comfort to face change and the unfamiliar head on. Happiness is there for the taking. You deserve this.” by Tina Aszmus

“Sylvia Plath once wrote of a friend, ‘She is something vital.‘ I write today to inform you of the same about yourself. You possess life-giving properties no less powerful than those of the sun. Your very birth was the result of a benevolent, ancient conspiracy of the universe. You are the enduring debris of expired stars, the body that you dwell in houses a portion of the energy the celestial ancestors gave to the universe as light and life. This is your inheritance: a corporal homestead in deep space from which you can (and must) embrace and endure the signs of life.” by Alana Massey

“Don’t be a puss, go get it.” by Asha Efia

“There are much worse things than being too sincere or too earnest or too willing to take a swing at the things you want. Keep your ear to the ground. Keep your goddamn fists tight.” by J. Fletcher

“To my present self, you’re happier and more fulfilled now than you were all last year, because everything crumbled then got 10x better. You finally quit caring about what you think other people think of you, so you can focus on how you think of you – which is mostly loving mantras and compliments on your outfits and dance moves.The work you’re doing will all work out because your ideas deserve to be validated by you, and mostly just you.You prefer running at night, which is super brave of you. Keep laughing loudly. Stay hydrated. Love you madly.” by Megan Off Duty

“Be okay with vulnerability in your work and making mistakes in front of others. Enjoy each success and learn from disappointments. Remove any financial burden, career obstacle, or critic in the way of what you want. When challenged, ask yourself: Can I learn something from this? Will it matter a year from now? If no, let it go.” by Eden America

“From one grown woman to another, in the face of a challenge you can either break down or break open. When we allow ourselves to break open and let ourselves be immersed by our emotions, we can truly be honest with ourselves and evolve in the most positive and healthiest way. One of the nice things about growing up is being able to say no, to change your mind, and to become brave enough to show who you are even if it hurts. The self-awareness and self-love you grant yourself can be your saving grace; they might help you reacquaint yourself with the courage you forgot you had all along.” by Shaya Ishaq

“You are smart. You are a force. You can ask for what you want, jump-start your car battery, eat at the bar by yourself, and open a Roth IRA like an alpha-fem supreme queen. You’re not a Dime—you’re one of those rare steel pennies the U.S. Mint circulated during WWII to preserve copper that are now worth $100k+. Sometimes your twenties feel like playing a video game on the ‘Difficult’ level, but you are unstoppable. You are insatiable. You are a warrior. Take your sledgehammer and smash that glass ceiling to smithereens. Keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing, babygirl. Chin up, shoulders back.” by Maryellen Stewart

“Cormac McCarthy says ‘Anything that doesn’t take years of your life and drive you to su*c*de hardly seems worth doing’. We all have to do things we don’t like in pursuit of our goals and dreams. However, if you are doing something that doesn’t directly correlate to you achieving them, then stop. Immediately. In reality, we have but a minute on this earth. Work, live, take chances, love, eat, argue, make mistakes, fight, and screw like you have 30 seconds left on the stopwatch.” by Aimée Reed

“Listen. You are an amazing, immaculate, motherfucker. If you are reading this, it means that you have survived each and every day and thing that you just knew for sure you’d never make it through and that deserves PRAISE. You know what else deserves praise? You sitting up in your bed and maybe even getting out of it when you’d rather lay down and hide from the world. You making a phone call you thought you couldn’t make. These are little victories but they are victories even if no one else understands them. Celebrate them! You are powerful and resilient even more than you know. You’re a fucking hero!” by Tracy Clayton

“You rock. You might not realize it at times, but you really do. You have a unique voice and outlook that is worth sharing. Sometimes you may question this because you see others doing things cool things. You want to do those cool things too? Go ahead and do them. Experiment, get creative, start that project you have been dreaming about. The only thing standing between you and what you want to be doing is (spoiler alert)… DOING IT. Go for it, babe. Focus on what you love. Try to enjoy every minute of it and build something you are proud of.” by Amy Tangerine

“Try to find comfort in the fact that one day it will be a year from now. That’s not to say that one day your pain will feel insignificant. What you’re going through is big and will always feel big. But one day it’ll be in the distance. Know that any pain you are feeling is necessary. You’re the sum of all your experiences, including the awful ones. Try to understand what this pain is giving you, rather than what it’s taking away. Most important of all, try not to worry about how strong you need to be in order to get through this. How strong you need to be is exactly how strong you already are.” by Michelle Lyn King

“Don’t keep yourself too hidden. Embrace feeling small — let it open up the world before you, then watch it change with your touch. From the way you move oceans to the breaths you unknowingly take. The universe is already falling for you. Make lost your new home, and don’t stop. You’re meant to be you, where you are, right now.” by Celeste

“The sooner you stop thinking about/focusing on/worrying about what other people are doing, the sooner you’ll stop comparing yourself to them and feeling inferior. That’s when you can do your best work and figure out what you really want.” by Brodie Lancaster

“I’ve spent most of my adult life feeling quite lost with respect to my career path. I’ve never felt as though I fully grew up. But it’s okay to feel a little lost, & to feel a little sad from time to time, because the older I get the more I see that no one knows what they’re doing, and a lot of people are faking the hell out of it. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re not in this or that place by some arbitrary age. Live your life in a way that opens you up & allows you to enjoy the moments when you feel truly alive and connected, happy to be here and embracing beauty with your whole heart.” by Anabela

“Growing up isn’t a race that you can win. You’ll still spend nearly every day of 30 feeling 16 and that’s okay. You’re creating a life. Worry less about your thighs. Put more thought into your tattoos. Do not apply for that credit card. Do not apologize. Do not date musicians. Eat the cheese that makes you break out. Laugh loudly. Open every window in your apartment and dance. Smell every honeysuckle bush. Photograph every camellia bush. Fall in love every chance you get. Walk away if they don’t love you back. Hold tight to the people who will slow dance with you. Cry with you. Forgive you. Some of them will be gone too soon. Don’t be afraid to start over. You’re stronger and more beautiful than you’ll ever even know.” by Sarah Hunt

“You know what, babe? Sometimes, life gets really weird. You think you have your shit on lock and you’re cruising to your own song but then the song changes and you’re left trying to take steps in the dark. This will happen to you at the worst of times and you’ll grapple with what you want and maybe even who you are! And babe, that’s okay. The movement will shift you into a better position to become the self you seek to be. Just remember to be patient and hold on to the best parts, surround yourself in good things and let the song change. Maybe it was just time for a new tune. <3” by Kelsie McNair

“It’s ok to get thrown off, to let life roast you like a hot parked car. You’re not stuck. It’s ok to pursue your dreams with a hunger that makes people uncomfortable. It’s ok to fail at those dreams. Like, operatically fail and end up penniless, in your hometown watching House Hunters International all day. Did those dicks on House Hunters ever lay it all out like you did? All they did was demand more space for ‘entertaining’, as though that’s even a real thing. It’s ok to prioritize security. Instability — emotional, financial — isn’t what makes you creative or interesting. You’re stuck with yourself, but you’re all you need.” by Evie Ebert

“You have so much more to offer the world than beauty. It’s hard to put the importance of beauty in context, because women are constantly told that it’s our most crucial defining feature. Focus instead on your deep, intrinsic worth. You bring a combination of qualities to the world that it will never see again: your wit, your generosity, your warmth and your fire. Your righteous anger and your heartbreaking vulnerability. Your eyes; your hands; your body which hasn’t failed you. It’s a sick culture that makes you feel inadequate, but there’s nothing wrong with you; you’re shining.” by Madeleine Holden

“Maybe you’re not where you want to be. Maybe you’re not doing what you thought you’d be doing by now. No one really is just yet. That’s the point, isn’t it? So embrace this in-between state and learn what you can from it. It’s what others don’t have and it’s what can’t be taken away from you. Life shouldn’t be an aspiration and getting exactly what you want when you want it. Sometimes you’re wrong and that’s why you need to stop talking/catastrophizing/hating yourself and just listen.” by Sara Black McCulloch

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to love yourself. To be yourself, to heal yourself, to trust yourself, to stand your ground or to follow your vibrant beautiful heart. When your journey ends — it should be a novel of your brave choices, the stumbles that shaped you and your victories. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live. Start right now. Because, life is too short and unpredictable not to.” by Kal Barteski

“You are amazing. You are an incredible human being capable of true greatness. Wake up each day and believe in that greatness. Know that you are the best person to make decisions about your life, your body, and your happiness. Embrace your emotions, but don’t let them control you. Document your life. This amazing woman sitting here in front of me has so many incredible stories to tell and sharing those stories makes the world a better place for us babes. Find a way to tell your stories — through art, words, crafts, selfies, whatever speaks to your soul. You are amazing.” by rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker

“Life is hard, you know that already. If you didn’t know that you probably wouldn’t be here reading this. But knowing almost makes things easier doesn’t it? You’ve done this before, you’ve felt this before, and yes it sucks but you’ve overcome it every single time. Your talent, intelligence, beauty, and boobs are greater than whatever thing this is. They will outshine your problems every time. You are a babe, and do you know what babes do? They fight back. And they win. So get back in the ring and earn yourself a KO. And never forget: Babes Fight Back.” by Winter Sherrod

“Hey you. Good news: No one knows what they are doing. Better news: You get to make mistakes. Best news: You get to keep trying again until you find the right fit. So… focus on one thing and one day at a time. Keep your head down. Work hard. Fail quickly. Move on. Go!” by Elise Blaha Cripe

“Become the best version of yourself. Fight for it. Fight for you. Sometimes it takes a war; believe in it. Be gentle, but defiant. You can do this. You are doing this. You are becoming your best.” by Soph Munch

“There are two or more options in front of you and none of them feature those clear, sharp edges that distinguish a good choice from a bad one; both of them are associated with doubt, or pain, or some other kind of warning. Both of them are also, possibly, associated with success, approval, or some kind of blessing. Hesitation is a grace period for assessing that kind of risk or reward. Wait; then pick the option that seems reckless. I mean, don’t rob a bank, but yeah, quit your job, kiss an inappropriate person, book a flight. And email me to tell me what happens next.” by Haley Mlotek

“Look at yourself, you radiate confidence. You’re breathing, you’re making cool hairstyles and you’re successfully fighting the bad days away. Life doesn’t remain same forever, even if it’s a little dark around but you can’t let yourself fade away, you’re very very very shiny. The blue skies and art and your own earned little money is going to fix your broken heart. Just fight and write and make art. I hope your winged eyeliner gives you wings. You’re going to be free.” by Areeba

“You were built to tackle the world. You are not the cheerleader for someone else. You are not meant to sit on the sidelines. You were built to create your own life and challenge yourself daily. Go out there and tackle today, I believe in you.” by Mariah Caitlin Cowsert

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