The Complete Guide to Crystals in the Bathroom

If you’re wondering what types of crystals you should put in your bathroom (and why) this article is for you.

This article is about the different types of crystals that can be used in the bathroom for helpful purposes. It covers the properties of each crystal, how they are used, and the benefits they provide.

It is important to note that these crystals are not just for decoration. They have many practical uses as well. For example, some people use them for good vibes or to create a safe space to meditate or pray in.

The Complete Guide to Crystals in the Bathroom is a guide with all you need to know about how these stones can be incorporated into your life and home without any fuss.

The Benefits of Crystals in the Bathroom

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Crystals have been a popular subject in the bathroom for a while now. Some people put them in a bowl to make a decorative display while others put them in jars to use as décor.

Some people believe that crystals have healing properties or that they will absorb negative energy from the body. And while some of these theories have been disproven, there are still some benefits to using crystals in the bathroom.

Remember: Crystals have been used for healing purposes for centuries. They are created from the earth and contain a high concentration of natural vibrations. The crystals give off a calming energy as well as other benefits such as improving moods, reducing stress, and boosting energy.

Some people leave them in the bathroom because they believe that it will provide benefits to both people and their pets that use the bathroom. It is okay to leave them in the bathroom as long as you don’t have small children or animals that can be harmed by consuming them.

Crystals are beneficial to both people and animals in many ways. Some of these benefits include improving moods, reducing stress, boosting energy levels, balancing emotions, supporting positive thoughts and intentions, enhancing intuition, etc.

What Kind of Crystals Should You Put Into Your Bathroom?

Here are 6 crystals you can keep in your bathroom.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a type of gemstone that will release positive energy. It can be connected to other stones for different effects. For example, it can be paired with rose quartz to promote love and balance. Quartz is a great stone for your bathroom because it helps regulate moods and emotions, as well as improving the health of your skin and hair.

Clear Quartz is a good stone for the bathroom because it releases positive energy, regulates moods and emotions, and improves our skin and hair. It can also be paired with other stones for different effects – such as rose quartz which encourages love and balance.

Read this article to find out more about Angel Aura Quartz.


Selenite is a type of mineral that has been used for centuries to purify water. Plus, Selenite is one of the most powerful and versatile healing crystals. Selenite can be used to absorb and transmute negative energy and promote positive energy. Selenite benefits and uses include:

  • Helping with astral travel, lucid dreaming, and out-of-body experiences
  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Balancing one’s emotions

Selenite is also believed to amplify the power of other crystals as well as any energetic healing such as Reiki or acupuncture.


Amethyst is a type of quartz that can help you relax. Here are three reasons why you should keep amethyst in your bathroom.

Amethysts are also referred to as “the sobriety stone” because it can help soothe some of the negative effects of alcohol on the body. It is believed to absorb some of the alcohol and replace it with its own healing powers for a better, more relaxed experience.

Amethyst also has a calming effect on both mind and body, making it perfect for meditation or just relaxing after a long day at work. People who suffer from insomnia often say that wearing an amethyst helps them fall asleep faster than normal night-time routines would allow them to do.

Purple Amethyst has been used in the past to ward off evil spirits and protect from disease. Ancient Egyptians believed that it was a powerful protection stone, so it’s no surprise that they would use them to decorate their tombs with them.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for people who are feeling stressed or drained. It has the power to restore harmony and balance, which makes it perfect for your bathroom!

The benefits of Rose Quartz in the bathroom are quite numerous.

It can be used to harmonize and balance the vibrations of your environment. So, it’s a good idea to place a few pieces of this crystal in your bathroom for peace and tranquility.

Rose Quartz has been found to be particularly beneficial for people who like to meditate and do yoga. It is believed that the stone’s energy will stimulate the body’s production of serotonin, which helps with feelings of happiness, love, and joy.

I have a great passion for health and wellness. I know the importance of making sure you have a bathroom where you can relax and unwind. That’s why I love putting Rose Quartz in my bathroom.

Rose Quartz is a stone that is often used as an emotional healer, which means it will help calm your mind and your worries. It’s also great for those moments when you want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet!

Rose Quartz is a stone that brings peace, love, and calmness. It helps you to relax in the bathroom by leaving a calming feeling in the air. It also calms down your mind when you are at the end of your day and need to unwind.


There are many reasons that Carnelian should be in your bathroom. One of the most important ones is that it will help you find balance within your self and give you a sense of peace. In addition, Carnelian can increase your motivation to start a new project or take on a new goal.

Carnelian is a type of stone that is believed to be one of the best emotional healers. It helps in getting rid of anxiety and stress and brings peace and calm in your life. Some people even call it the “healing crystal”.

It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or ring to keep it closer to you all the time. If you don’t want to keep it close, then you can also place it on your desk or anywhere else that feels comfortable for you.

Carnelian is a gemstone that has been historically used as a symbol of protection and power.

Believed to be the king of stones, Carnelian is believed to keep away diseases and strengthen health. For centuries, it has been popular as a gemstone for protection and power.

Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most powerful healing stones available on the market.


Angelite is a stone that has healing abilities. It has been proven to be very effective in people who are struggling with different kind of internal and external issues.

So it is recommended to keep Angelite crystals in the bathroom because it will improve your mood and heal your skin.

  • Angelite is an excellent crystal for dealing with emotional issues, like stress or anxiety, as well as physical issues like eczema or inflammation.
  • Angelite also has natural purifying properties. It removes toxins from our bodies naturally without any side effects, even without supplements or drugs to assist it!
  • Angelite is a gemstone that can be found in various colors. It is usually found in the form of thin, flattened bands that are similar to sheets. When found in layers, it can be cut into cabochons for jewelry, round beads for pendants or spheres for other uses.
  • Angelite has been used in the past as a talisman and amulets to ward off evil spirits and protect against illness. Angelite also has the ability to rejuvenate and renew one’s spirit and body.

Bathroom Decoration with Crystals

Crystals are the new trend in interior design. These are not just decorative pieces, but these crystals have a lot of benefits. They energize the space and they do not require any special maintenance.

The bathroom is one of the most important places in our lives. It is where we take care of ourselves, take baths, and enjoy the solitude. Decorating the bathroom with crystals can be a very rewarding experience.

A common mistake people make when decorating their bathrooms with crystals is not considering the aesthetics of your home or office. This is why it’s important to consider some factors before choosing a crystal fixture for your bathroom.

There are many reasons to add crystals to your bathroom from improving wellness to giving new life to an older room design. When you’re ready to add some sparkle, here are a few tips on how you can do it successfully!

Where to put healing crystals in your bathroom?

Sometimes you just want to relax in your bathroom, but it can be difficult to find the right place for your crystals. The best place will depend on the size, height, shape and type of crystal that you have.

For example, if you have a small and flat stone like Selenite or Amethyst then placing them on a shelf or windowsill would be ideal. If they are taller and more round like Rosy Pearl then placing them on top of the toilet could work. Or if they are large and pointy like Carnelian then putting them near the bath might work best.

How to decorate with crystals in the bathroom?

A bathroom can be a difficult space to decorate. It is often cluttered and has tight spaces to work with. However, it is also one of the most important parts of a home and deserves some love and attention. Bathrooms are usually where we spend most of our time before we head out for the day, so they deserve something special.

There are many places in your bathroom where you can put crystals. You can use them to decorate the sink, for example. If you want to, you can put them on the side of your bathtub or on any other surface in your bathroom.

It is important to have a balanced environment in the bathroom, so crystals are the perfect addition. They help with balancing out the energy in your space, while also adding some liveliness to it.

Some people say that they use crystals for more than just decoration and positive vibes. One popular use of crystals is for protection. Placing them around the room can bring an extra layer of protection that you may need while showering or bathing.

Conclusion: Why You Need Crystals in Your Bathroom

In conclusion, crystals can be a great addition to your bathroom for a multitude of reasons.

The fact that they are aesthetically pleasing is definitely a big reason why they should be in your bathroom.

There are many more benefits that they provide such as purification, protection and unblocking energy. All these properties make them an essential item for the home.

If you want to add them into your bathroom then there are plenty of things that you can do such as adding small crystals to your faucet or placing one in the shower so it can filter out negative energies while you bathe.

The crystals that are found in your bathroom can help you relax and release tension. Crystals are also said to have healing properties for the body.

Crystals may seem like an weird addition to the bathroom but they actually do wonders for relaxation and overall wellbeing.

In short: We should start placing crystals in our bathrooms as they will not only look nice but also help restore our energy levels and help us feel balanced after a long day at work.

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