Honey Calcite: Important Facts You Should Know

Honey Calcite is one of the most beautiful crystals out there but that’s not all.

Honey calcite is an empowering stone associated with the Solar Plexus, Sacral chakras, and Crown.

It is considered to benefit persons born under the Leo, Pisces, or Cancer zodiac signs. Nevertheless, many people might benefit from it if they understand how to use it correctly.

This crystal is thought to improve positive energy, aid in gaining a clearer perspective on life and promote harmony and serenity.

Honey Calcite Origin

This crystal is a calcium carbonate mineral that can be found in rhombohedral or massive crystal shapes. Because it is one of the most prevalent minerals, it may take on a variety of shapes and colors.

The best honey calcite crystals may be found in Mexico. You can also find this stone in Brazil, India, Africa, and the Czech Republic.

Honey Calcite Meaning

Honey calcite is one of the most prevalent minerals on the planet., occurring in a range of forms. Calcite is derived from the Greek word ‘Calix,’ which means lime. It is so named due to the fact that it is frequently found in limestones.

Calcite can be found in various colors, ranging from light white to deep black, depending on the source of the stone. Honey calcite is one of these several varieties and is widely considered the tastiest of all calcites. It ranges in hue from brown to golden tones.

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Despite its widespread popularity, this Calcite has a unique value.

This gemstone possesses a peaceful and radiant vibe. Honey calcite is associated with personal strength. It is related to the third eye, the root, and the solar plexus chakras and boosts self-confidence.

Honey Calcite Properties

Honey Calcite combines emotions and intelligence, which makes it an excellent choice for projects. It is connected to higher vibrations, which assist us in opening to the etheric realm and automatically bringing insight to the forefront of whatever we are focusing on.

Physical Properties

Honey Calcite relieves stress and replaces it with peaceful confidence that is also incredibly energetic.

It will help settle your emotions, allowing you to make better decisions about your inner voice and self-talk. It has various physical healing properties, such as aiding in bloating, inflammations, sadness, and anxiety.

It can aid in the person’s recovery from mental traumas that have resulted in undesirable physical changes, particularly with regard to weight or skin disorders. With its pure sunny energy, Honey Calcite will aid the body’s healing process.

Metaphysical Properties

Calcites, in general, are particularly effective cleansers of many other crystals and individual’s auric fields. Honey Calcite is particularly unique to us because of its capability to be a potent sunny anti-depressant and energy enhancer.

This crystal is very beneficial while doing Reiki because it allows the practitioner to keep a healthy practice of the “empty bone,” which means energy and light passing through them without hurting their own emotional, spiritual, or physical bodies.

Honey Calcite desires that we shine brighter than the sun in our life! To constantly remember that tomorrow is another day and that the sun will rise tomorrow, no matter what happens.

This crystal is fantastic for public figures, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and salespeople. It will immediately encourage the user to develop the talents required to soar high in their chosen career path.

Honey Calcite is about personal power, self-confidence, and breaking down obstacles to pave the path for a brighter, happier tomorrow!

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Healing Properties

Honey Calcite’s energy is transformational, like the beams of sunshine streaming over you on a warm day! Many people believe that the healing abilities of this stone are virtually tactile, causing transformation the instant you allow it into your life.

Here are some of the ways this stone can help you cure your body, mind, and soul!


Honey Calcite’s therapeutic powers can aid in the removal of fear. It provides you with a clean slate because the stone’s relaxing energy clears your head of negative energy!

It’s inherently calm, allowing you to relax and unwind.

The crystal calms your inner saboteur, relaxes your restless thinking, and promotes emotional balance.


Honey Calcite is an excellent choice for people seeking to go on a journey of self-discovery. This stone offers features that help you feel peaceful and improve your relationship with yourself.

Whatever challenges you confront, it is self-doubt and anxiety that get in your way. Honey Calcite helps you adopt a more positive attitude of your abilities can make all the difference.

How to use Honey Calcite?

You can use it in various ways

In the Home and Workplace

Honey Calcite in the home is guaranteed to improve the mood of any place.

If you’ve been feeling that your house or office is harboring stagnant air or needs a significant energy shift, bringing in the force of Calcite could be just what you need to get fresh air flowing.

Calcite is an excellent stone for use in your family home or other communal areas.

It is good at bringing conversation, rapid laughing, and valuable memories into your home life because of its ability to provide harmony and balance and flush away negativity.

Use it as Jewelry

Jewelry allows you to have the honey calcite stone pressed directly on the skin.

This guarantees that those healing vibrations seep right in.

It’s among the best ways to find our rhythm and sync in the healing process since the healing crystals are close to our bodies without a barrier.

Use it for Meditation

Honey Calcite is an excellent stone to use in combination with meditation because it directs energy flow to your root chakra and helps you focus on your objectives.

Through its relaxing vibrations, it relaxes your mind and spirit. Place a honey Calcite in the middle of your palm and envision the golden rays flooding you with energy and joy.

Inhale the good vibrations created by this crystal and exhale any negative blocks you may have.

After your meditation session, Honey Calcite will fill your spirit with bright positivity, and you will be ready to distribute your energy throughout the world.

Using Honey Calcite for Love and Relationships

It will enhance your mental energies, allowing you to approach relationship issues with a clear mind.

It will also assist you in striking a good balance between your emotions and thoughts so that you do not become overly emotional.

Honey Calcite assists you in getting over your past and remaining present in the current moment, allowing you to go into the future fearlessly.

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While this stone is proven to help with mental skills, it will also help with emotional rehabilitation.

Honey Calcite, and Wealth

This stone will boost the flow of energy throughout your cells and release anything impeding your productivity and creativity.

You can also use Honey Calcite to overcome lethargy and procrastination. It will keep you energized and full of life. Honey Calcite will increase your motivation, enthusiasm, and hope in life.

It will help you overcome laziness and become more energetic in all parts of your life, particularly your financial life.

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Honey Calcite Varieties

Honey Calcite is an excellent meditation stone that can also be used to awaken and trigger the Third Eye.

It will assist you in tuning into higher mental planes by grounding higher mental forces into the physical body, providing mental alertness and a sensation of “knowing.”

Calcite comes in a wide range of colors, and each color possesses both the stone’s generic and particular properties.

Blue Calcite – Blue Calcite is a soothing stone that helps recover after illness and decreases blood pressure.

Clear Calcite – Clear Calcite is occasionally referred to as the “miracle mineral.” It cleanses and purifies the body while also acting as an antibacterial.

Green Calcite – Green Calcite is a powerful mental healer. It can dismantle inflexible mindsets and long-held ideas that may be weighing you down. It brings the mind back into equilibrium and allows us to let go of comfortableness to go forward and progress. It is also a potent immune stimulant.

Orange Calcite – Orange Calcite helps to balance emotions, alleviate fear, and fight despair. It treats the reproductive organs and gallbladder while also easing intestinal disorders like IBS.

Red Calcite – Red Calcite transmits the vibration of vigor, youth, and energy at every level. It can open the Heart Chakra, clear stagnant energy, and dissolve obstructions in the energy systems.

How to Cleanse Honey Calcite?

Honey calcite cleansing is a reasonably straightforward procedure if you pay great attention to detail.

To begin, it is important to understand that this calcium carbonate should not be washed in offer. Instead of that, you can use a soft bristle brush to preserve it in good condition.

Keep in mind that it is ideal for purifying your honey calcite’s negative energy once a month during the cleansing force of the full moon.

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It is capable of reestablishing the stone’s healing powers and balance without impairing its power.

How Much is Honey Calcite Worth?

Honey calcite is inexpensive due to its abundance and ease of acquisition.

This unique jewelry is very reasonably priced. However, the exact price fluctuates based on several factors, including clarity, brilliance, cut, and form.

For example, transparent specimens are in higher demand for luster and thus more valuable than semi-transparent specimens. The greater the transparency of the stone, the more expensive it is!

Similarly, the higher the price of the stone, the more polished it is! Carved or faceted honey calcite is popular. Octagons, Ovals, and cushions are some of their most prevalent cuts and shapes.

Fancy alternatives, such as hearts, are uncommon because such shapes are rare supply in calcite jewelry. Even still, if you can get them, they will be more expensive than standard shapes.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to explore personal power, progress, and strength, honey calcite is a wonderful asset in your life. Its elemental energy is metal, and it reflects brilliance, healing, and creativity. Its major objective is to keep you secure!

As is the case with most other crystals, honey calcite is utilized as loose stones, in some jewelry items, and as meditation points.

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