10 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

If you’re looking for Mr. Perfect and you have a checklist with everything you dream of, allow me to tell you that this checklist means nothing when you finally meet your soulmate.  But ladies, I’m …

If you’re looking for Mr. Perfect and you have a checklist with everything you dream of, allow me to tell you that this checklist means nothing when you finally meet your soulmate. 

But ladies, I’m not telling you to settle down for less, because your soulmate will be 10 times better than the man of your dreams. 

But how would you know that this person is the one? No worries, there are some signs you’ve met your soulmate that might help.

You Met Before

While this is not a must, it’s still an interesting sign. You did meet your soulmate before, maybe without knowing it. Your paths somehow crossed earlier in your life. 

There are a lot of stories about that, and well, I do have a picture from my childhood where my girlfriend appears in, even though we met years later.

You ‘Just Know It’

This might seem a bit cliche, but you really just know it. Everything is so easy that you tell yourself, “This is how relationships should be!” It feels like two puzzle pieces falling into place.

He’ll want to introduce you to his friends and his family, and you’ll want to do the same, of course. Everything falls into place and all is right with the world again. It just makes sense even if you can’t understand it. 

You have this kind of connection, your “souls” are connected. Not just that, but you also connect on more levels; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and sexually. They’re your lifelong treasure of destiny.

The Timing Is Right

Timing plays a significant role in the relationship. If you meet someone who’s perfect in the wrong time of your life, then they’re not really your soulmate.

Our soulmates may arrive late in our lives, but they always come when the time is right. This time is not a certain age, it’s the time when you’re both ready, and when you’re willing to share your life with someone and be the best version of yourself.

You won’t wake up one day and tell yourself “Oh, I’m ready now. Where’s the one?” But you’ll rather ‘just feel it’ when they enter your life. 

You Can Be Yourself

If you have to act in a certain way, filter your words, or think twice when you’re with them, then they’re not your soulmate. 

With your soulmate, you can be you, you can wake up one morning and tell them that you don’t feel like talking today without needing to fake an excuse, and they’ll still love you the same. 

You’ll be comfortable in your own skin around them yet you’ll be more confident with them by your side. 

Flaws Are Not an Issue Anymore

This sign is among the most inexplicable things. The only explanation I have is that we’re soulmates. What am I talking about?

The right person won’t be bothered by the things that bother everyone normally. They won’t be waiting around for the perfect occasion to point out your flaws. 

I do find it astonishing that when she does something that I don’t usually like, it’s totally fine. It’s like, I can deal with those flaws, I can handle them without complaining, and she can too.

You Can Tell Them Everything

Honesty is the best policy. Not just with your soulmate, but in general. You can tell them everything, from telling them what you had for breakfast to discussing Sartre’s Existentialism.

We, men, aren’t the world’s best listeners. So when he listens, and not only listens but listens and cares enough about everything you say, this has to mean something. Even if they don’t understand at times, they’ll still be compassionate. 

You’ll have someone to tell about your dreams, thoughts, low moments, issues, and achievements and they’ll accept and love you just the same.

I know, this sign sounds a bit like a fantasy, I used to see that too before I suddenly started listening.

You Can Say Nothing and Still Have a Good Time

My girlfriend used to spend her birthdays alone, just to think and relax. So on that day, I took her out and we just spent a couple of hours in silence, watching the sunset. 

I didn’t feel that we need to do some activity or keep talking or come up with stuff just to enjoy each other’s company. It was totally fine to stay calm, let her empty her mind, relax, and still have a great time. 

Your soulmate will let you have your own space. You don’t have to be active and energetic all the time and they’ll still enjoy being around you.

You are Ready to Settle Down

Meeting your soul mate makes the idea of settling down undoubtful. Finally talking about your future together isn’t something scary. You look forward to spending the rest of your life with them and you don’t mind making plans ahead.

You don’t want to play anymore or flirt for fun, things are real, they make sense and that’s what you want.

Finding “What’s Missing”

They’re your half and that’s the most exact description of how it feels. You find everything you want, and everything you need, even though you didn’t know you needed it before. 

You complete each other by all means. I realized how true that is when I found out that my girlfriend likes to make breakfast and she’s always active in the mornings, while I love making dinner and I’m energetic in the evenings.

You Support Each Other 

Your soulmate will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. They’re your number one fan and they’re always there for you.

You both have each other’s back. Men are not famous for being supportive to be honest, but your soulmate will support you all the way and he won’t feel intimidated by your success. 

Final Thoughts

You’re lucky if you find those signs, but that’s not just it. Remember that it requires work and effort to keep your soulmate.

But you know, when it’s your soulmate, the effort will not be so tiring, and it won’t be in vain.

Your soulmate might appear out of the blue, and they might be right around the corner, you’ll never know, but when they finally arrive, you’ll be able to tell.

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