Spirituality. An Essay by Tej Dosa

Intro What is real spirituality all about? by Tej Dosa Lass dir den Artikel vorlesen: Your browser does not support the audio element. via 33content Imagine a large circle full of infinite glory (the circle …


What is real spirituality all about? by Tej Dosa

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Imagine a large circle full of infinite glory (the circle below has limits, but imagine a circle with no limits)… 

Now imagine a smaller circle inside this larger circle full of conditioned beliefs, assumptions, and constructs…

Now imagine the conditioning of the smaller circle to be so pervasive that it consumes your entire consciousness and you start to identify fully with it to the point that you forget about the bigger circle completely…

Now imagine taking yourself to be a person who lives inside this smaller, conditioned circle (with no awareness of what exists beyond it)…

And taking it to be ALL of life.

Imagine basing all your decisions from this place.

Imagine trying to enjoy your life to the fullest from this place.

Imagine trying to actualize your full potential from this place.

What kind of life would that give rise to?

Well, you’re only taking into account a very TINY fraction of Reality (conditioned one at that), so regardless of what you do, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll make the wrong decisions, live from a position of lack, and not actualize your full potential…

(not your fault)

Because the full picture/potential of reality/who you are you don’t even see.

It’s like playing a game you don’t even know the rules to…

It’s like trying to fly a plane when you don’t even know all the controls…

It’s not going to end well, is it?

Nope. Even in the best of cases, you may turn yourself into a successful person, but your definition of success is still contingent on the programming and assumptions you’ve picked up inside that limited world.

What if there’s so much MORE for you, but because all you see inside the limited world is x, y, z that you think that’s the pinnacle of life when in actuality it’s not even 1% of your true potential?

Quite the trip, isn’t it?

Maybe you think so. Maybe you don’t think so.

I don’t know (Remember I just write to myself – in no position to give anybody advice).

But all I know is I spent the bulk of my life taking myself to be that separate person living inside that limited conditioned world…

Doing what I saw everybody else doing…

Believing what I saw everybody else believing…

Thinking the same thoughts everybody else was thinking…

Chasing the same dreams as everybody else…

Fearing the same things as everybody else…

But something always felt wrong.

I don’t know how to fully explain it, but I felt like a lion who had mistaken himself to be a mosquito and now I was trying to achieve the perfect mosquito life.

Yet no matter how much I did, I always felt trapped and empty because I had the appetite of a lion, but was eating the diet of a mosquito.

“There has to be more to life!” I thought.

But there was nowhere to turn to.

Self help, coaches, mentors, all these guys could only help me inside that conditioned world by making me become a stronger, richer, more fulfilled mosquito.

All fine and well but I knew a mosquito, I was not.

So I went through a phase of great confusion and curiosity. I was confused because it felt like there was more to life, but I didn’t know what it was. I was curious because I needed to find out.

So that’s what led me to spirituality (amongst other reasons).

In the beginning of the journey, I was a separate person living inside the conditioned ‘dead’ world full of constraints with no awareness of there being anything more. But overtime, the spiritual journey forces you to question all the assumptions you blindly took to be facts that built your conditioned world.

As I did, my idea of self started changing and the invisible walls housing and holding up the conditioned world started dissolving.

I went from experiencing this reality…

To opening up to this bigger reality…

To even tasting (on a small scale) this infinite reality without my conditioned sense of ‘separation’…

By doing so, I realized this Infinite Reality (i.e. Being, Presence, Essence, True Nature) is what I’ve been this ENTIRE time (and so have you – whether you realize it or not) but all the conditioning, veils, barriers I took to be facts were blurring up my vision – giving rise to unnecessary contraction, fears, playing small.

Just realizing this alone was life-changing for it put many of my worries, fears, stressors to bed and opened up life/my daily experience to a level that FINALLY started to fulfill the inner appetite of the lion (true human potential IMO is to wake up to this Infinite Reality and all the qualities that make it up AND to express it fully through this human body – this is how you max out performance, quality of life, fulfillment, everything you long for).

These days I still have MANY barriers, veils, and distortions in between me and Infinite Reality and I constantly fall victim to the limited reality (nowhere near to being enlightened or anything like that – not even close – nor do I have any desire to! Just a normal, average kid trying to actualize the full potential of this human life), but the more I clear these conditioned distortions up, the clearer I see (and the more juice of life I can experience/tap into).

And the reason I even bring all this up is because I know how it feels to be trapped inside that small world of lack…

I know the contraction. The pain. The judgments. The frustration. The desire to break free, but not even knowing you’re housed inside an invisible prison.

I know. I know.

I also know all the heartache that comes from trying to live your life from that place. And all the limitations, constraints, and stressors it gives rise to.

I know. I know.

But I also know that you feel there’s so MUCH more to you and you are WAY more powerful and larger and bigger than you’ve been led to believe. I know you feel it in the depths of your being. And the only reason I’m writing this email is because I wanted to simply tell you to trust that feeling and to become more curious about this world and yourself as a whole.

Don’t believe what I say. Don’t believe what the next person says.

What do I know? Nothing.

All our lives have been spent blindly believing, but maybe now you acknowledge the fact that maybe you may actually not know who you truly are or what reality is or what is truly possible for you and start questioning things to find out for yourself?

This need not be a heavy or serious exploration, but a fun and spontaneous one full of joy and ease. (There’s great fun in approaching it this way. In fact, it’s the only way I can personally do it. Never been one to take things seriously lol!)

This is, after all, what real spirituality is all about IMO. It’s not about collecting crystals (nothing wrong with that, just not my thing), worshipping false idols, subjecting yourself to weird diets and becoming a passive person with no spark, but the opposite:

To wake up to who you truly are in all your glory, see reality for what it is without the distortions, and align fully with your True Nature to actualize your full potential as a human being.

Anything that moves you away from that isn’t real ‘spirituality’.

Or at least, that’s just my personal opinion.

But what do I know?

Not much.

All I know is life is amazing (even when it’s not) and you’re powerful beyond belief. Always have been. Always will be.

Your friend,


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