The Important Stages of Spiritual Development

Are you wondering where you are on your way to spiritual enlightenment? This article is made for you!

As you keep growing older, it is important to keep working towards your growth and development, no matter what aspect of life that involves. In particular, you should go through several stages of spiritual development so that you can attain spiritual enlightenment.

Throughout this process, there will be several difficulties that you face and several things that you will learn about yourself and your journey. Make sure you have faith in the universe and its energies so that you can keep progressing in your spiritual journey.

If you want to learn more about the different stages of spiritual development, what they entail and how they can help you move to the next stage, you can go through the following points that will sum everything up for you.

Let’s get started!


This is the very first phase when it comes to the stages of spiritual development. The stage of innocence begins when you are just born into a new family. This stage does not require you to do anything as you tend to grow up depending on your family to get you through your infancy and childhood.

As long as you have people around you that love you and help you out, you will be able to cross this stage successfully. Your needs at this stage are limited and basic and can easily be fulfilled with your good health.

As a new being, you continue to hold on to the spiritual realm that gave birth to you and brought you into existence. This will bring you a sense of peace and happiness due to the love that you experience around you, which is why childhood is usually associated with innocence.


The stage of innocence, unfortunately, does not last forever. You will keep growing up and learning new things about yourself and the world when this happens. This journey is not always the simplest.

In fact, you might face several struggles throughout your life that can cause you a lot of frustration and confusion. You will start developing stress and fear towards some people, feelings and events and might also lose important things and people in your life.

You might also have to face situations that bring you down and some that can put you back up. Through these ups and downs, you will be able to go through all kinds of experiences that can mold your identity.

In this stage, it is important to keep pushing forward so that you can understand that the result of all your struggles will soon arrive, bringing you contentment and peace. This stage is also necessary to take you further spiritually.


Because of all the struggles that you might have to face, the next stage in your life will be that of blame or victimhood, wherein you will try to blame everything wrong in your life on other people, your circumstances or the universe at large.

This is also what Michael Beckwith, who introduced a model of the stages of spiritual development, calls the ‘to me’ stage. This comes about as a result of our limited understanding of the world.

In this sense, you are likely to always think of yourself as a passive observer or participant in your life with all your circumstances and struggles happening to you instead of being a result of your actions and behavior.

It is important to understand at this point that while things might not be going your way right now, they are not simply happening to you, but are the consequences of what you have done so far.

Of course, there might still be a few things that might be out of your control. The only way to deal with those is to understand and process them so that you can move on.

Hope and Responsibility

Just when you think that nothing is working out for you, you might experience an epiphany or a moment of happiness that will fill your life with newfound hope.

This could be absolutely anything, such as moving ahead in terms of your goals, meeting someone new, strengthening your relationships or even the simple joys of life.

In many cases, people can come across a message from the universe or their guardian angels at this stage in their spiritual journey. This could either be a result of meditation, something you saw in your dream or even seeing an angel number around you.

This can help make you more aware of your life and surroundings, allowing you to take responsibility for how your life has turned out.

This can then give you a sense of control, bringing you out of the previous stage and allowing you to take action to change your life for the better.


Once you accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions, as well as your life in general, this can allow you to start manifesting your dreams and goals into the real world.

Your life is in your hands and no one else can dictate this for you. This realization that you are not, in fact, the victim will give you a newfound hope in your life, allowing you to create new meanings and build new relationships with people.

This can also allow you to start building towards larger aims in life, such as your career, your family, your relationships as well as your spiritual goals.

Of course, all of this will not happen on its own. As long as you work hard and put effort into manifesting your dreams into reality, you will soon be able to flourish.

Keep believing in yourself and the universe, and you will soon start to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Once you develop a sense of control over your life and start manifesting your goals, you will be able to achieve plenty of things in your life that will take you to the stage of power in your spiritual journey.

These achievements will give you a sense of power and allow you to live your life in the way that you want to. It will also bring you comfort and confidence that will allow you to keep moving ahead.

You might even have secure and safe relationships in your life that will bring you joy.

At this stage, it is important to recognize that while this power can be comfortable, most of it is also material. This is still essential since it can then equip you with the means to advance in your spiritual development.

As long as you do not abuse the power that you have and only use it to take you to the next stage, you should be okay!

Seeking Truth

Now that you have the power and means to live your life in an easygoing manner, this does not mean that your spiritual journey has also come to an end. In fact, this is an important part of your spiritual development that you must not take for granted and should pay attention to.

If you have everything you want, there must be more for you to look forward to, right? These kinds of questions will start coming to your mind at this stage, making you curious about the meaning of life and the truth that the universe holds.

This is when you should start exploring your spirituality in a deeper way so that you can build your spiritual resources. This involves reading all kinds of spiritual texts, exploring the world, meeting people from different walks of life, meditating regularly and talking to spiritual experts to learn.


Not everything in your spiritual journey will be smooth sailing, even at this kind of advanced stage in the development process. In fact, this can be a testing moment in your life and you will tend to keep moving back and forth between seeking spiritual truth and a sense of denial.

Where exactly does this denial come from? Well, it can be difficult to accept that the next few stages of spiritual development require you to focus on the world around you instead of your own interests.

The process of seeking the truth is difficult and certainly not as easy as it sounds. You might be forced to accept certain things about yourself and the world that you were blissfully ignorant about. You might even have to change certain ways of thinking and let go of your prejudices to truly move forward.

The spiritual practices that you learn about might also seem irrational and meaningless at times, but you must put in the effort to open your mind.


This stage is significant since it will finally allow you to start glimpsing the truth of life. You will begin to understand that you are merely a small part of the universe and that you are connected to it and the people around you through a common thread of spirituality.

Everything and everyone in the universe has some kind of connection that ties us all together. Once you come to this realization, you will be able to find a sense of peace and balance in your life.

Through this, you will once again start trusting the divine and the universe, allowing them to lead you further.

Giving Back

Now that you understand that there is much more to life than you, the people around you and the material wealth that you own, you will be able to start looking for ways in which you can give back to the society that brought you so much joy and learning.

The state of the world will move you. At this point, you must try your best to contribute and share your wealth with people who might need it.

With a new sense of awareness, you should try to make others’ lives better not only through donations and charity but also through love and respect, no matter how different they might seem from you.

While this act might bring you praise and recognition, you should try to do it as selflessly as possible.

Unity and Purpose

The process of giving back might not always be easy since you might expect something in return. This is normal, but once you get past that need, you will be able to recognize the unity that exists in the world and how beautiful it can be if everyone worked towards finding it.

This will give you a new sense of purpose, helping you realize that your goal in life is to spread the spiritual truth so that you can bring peace, harmony and a sense of consciousness not only in your life but also in others’ lives.

You are a vessel of the universe and it is time for you to accept this and to submit to it.

Spiritual Awakening

All of the previous stages will continue to develop your mind and spirit, bringing you closer to a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This will bring about a sense of complete oneness with the universe and nature.

This will also let all your energies flow and unlock all your meditative focal points. This will also separate you from your material desires and needs, allowing you to fully focus on the universe.

After plenty of struggle, hardships, power, growth and joy, you will be able to find a sense of balance and harmony that will let you breathe freely again. It will also bring you plenty of spiritual knowledge that you may have learned along the way.


Finally, with your sense of spiritual awakening and vast store of knowledge, you will reach the final stage of your spiritual journey. This involves sharing your knowledge and experiences with the people around you and the rest of the world so that you can spread the spiritual message and guide others through their spiritual journey as well.

Concluding Remarks

You now know all about the stages of spiritual development.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you might already be on your spiritual journey. All that you need to do now is recognize it, accept it and keep moving to the next stages with an open mind and heart.

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