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6 Crystals For Bathrooms To Enhance Your “Me” Time

6 Crystals For Bathrooms To Enhance Your “Me” Time

You already know that you can use different crystals for different things, so of course, there are crystals for your bathroom. 

It may sound quite silly for people who have never searched this topic, but to people like you and me, this is something very important. 

Spiritual healing comes in different forms, and many people believe that crystals can help on your journey. 

Our ancestors used crystals for different things. They don’t just hold this power that you can use for different purposes, but they are also beautiful – even if you use them as nothing more than a decor piece. 

The rise of alternative spirituality is quite prevalent right now. You see people talking about these magical rocks that are supposed to help with all sorts of issues like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and much more. 

But crystal bath therapy is a perfect way for you to start if you’re just now researching the power of healing crystals. 

Why do we believe in these things? What are they good for? And how can you incorporate them into your small daily routines to feel a little bit more magical? 

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, then you’re definitely at the right place. 

How do crystals work? 

Scientists agree that crystals, as they’re being formed within mother nature, get filled with different types of energy. These pretty rocks have a vibrational energy within themselves that can help people who are open to trying alternative therapy. 

These vibrations arise from their molecular composition, and act like a repellant for negative and toxic energy. As you probably know, we as a society have more than enough of that. 

Healing crystals create positive energy that you can channel into your spiritual power, to heal different things within your body and soul that need some uplifting. Some may call it a placebo, but no two ways about it: it’s very powerful. 

They are extracted from the earth, which means that they’re loaded with the energy of the Sun, Moon, and oceans. You can choose not to believe me, but many people have found that this is the precise thing that helped them deal with their mental health issues. 

Why should you put crystals in your bathroom? 

Relaxing is just as important as hustling. You can work for an entire day, but if you don’t recharge your body and mind, then the next day won’t be nearly as productive as you’d want it to be. 

Most of us think of a beautiful bath after a long day of being productive. This is the safest place in your entire home because you get to lie back and enjoy the silence for a while. 

But if you’re still anxious while in the bath, it means that your emotions are building up, and you may break under all of that pressure. 

In that case, using different essential oils, candles, and different crystals in your bathroom may enhance your experience. You’ll get the most out of it if you don’t run away from these small things that look beautiful, and also help you heal from within. 

What type of crystals to get for your bathroom 

1. Citrine

If you don’t know where to begin on your journey, then Citrine is a perfect start for you. It’s gorgeous! The yellow and orange hues are a sight for sore eyes. 

Many believe that Citrine is the stone of success. This means that it can help your mind clear out all the negativity and give enough space for you to focus on the important tasks in your life. 

If you keep a little bit of Citrine in your wallet, it can even attract money. 

However, we’re here to talk about crystals for the bathroom. Why should you put this gorgeous rock that looks like the actual sun in your sacred space? 

Well, Citrine is known to ease depression, clear out any form of self-doubt, and enhance self-confidence. 

When you’re in your bathroom, you’re quite vulnerable, but also very safe, which is an amazing place to let this crystal work its magic. 

2. Green Aventurine

Have you ever seen what Green Aventurine looks like? Go and look it up right away. The beauty of it is going to absolutely blow your mind! 

This crystal is also perfect for beginners. When you don’t know what to reach for, you could definitely start with this. 

Green Aventurine is believed to help against anxiety. It clears your mind and gives you more faith in yourself. Whenever you feel stressed and nervous, always grab one and put it near your bathtub. 

We have to deal with so many different things in our daily lives that it’s normal to feel irritated and angry at the world. In those moments, you just want to curl up into a ball and feel safe. 

Putting crystals in your bathroom can help with that. The healing power of Green Aventurine can give you the feeling of calmness that you’re so desperately seeking. 

3. Rose quartz

Another beautiful and beginner-friendly crystal. This is one of my favorites, and I’m sure everyone feels the same way when it comes to this gem. 

Do me a favor and jump into the shower while having Rose Quartz nearby. I recommend you keep it on the floor of the shower, so the steam of the water can enhance its power. Afterward, tell me how you feel. 

Whenever I hear the word “self-care”, I immediately think of Rose Quartz. 

This beautiful crystal has the power to promote self-love and compassion towards yourself and others. Its main purpose is to remind you to forgive yourself and heal from all the trauma that the world has brought onto you. 

It’s the crystal of self-love and romantic relationships in general. Who wouldn’t want this beautiful and magical crystal in their most sacred space? 

4. Amethyst

Maybe I’m a bit biased when it comes to Amethyst, but that doesn’t change how absolutely amazing this crystal is. Amethyst is my favorite crystal and definitely the perfect one for your bathroom. 

Amethyst exists for people who need something a little more powerful when fighting their overthinking minds. You can put it in your bathroom and use it as part of your shower routine. 

It’s the number one enemy to stress and irritation. Whenever you feel out of balance and agitated because of the harsh reality that we live in, you can turn to a cluster of Amethyst for help. 

It will give you a sense of security and clear your head to let you think wisely and more rationally. It’s the crystal that never lets you down. 

Or at least, it has never let me down. 

5. Moonstone

Another favorite of mine is Moonstone. It looks like you’re holding a piece of the Universe in your hands, and it’s the perfect little decorative piece to let positive energy into your home. 

It’s an especially good crystal for a woman’s bathroom because it nourishes the feminine energy within. Can you imagine there’s something that’s created within nature to help your heart realize the emotions you’re feeling are completely normal?

Moonstone is one of those crystals that help you sleep better at night because it puts your mind at ease. It helps you get rid of the worries that accumulate within you during the day. 

Make Moonstone a part of your shower and bathing routine, as it will remind you to stay humble and always look for the positive in people. We’re all battling something within ourselves, and taking Moonstone with you into the shower can empathize with that. 

6. Emerald

Ah, the beautiful green stone that can bring back life into any space. People of ancient times believed this to be the stone of eternity and everlasting love. 

Just holding this stone while you’re meditating or enjoying a hot bath can fill your entire body with unconditional love for yourself. It creates joy in your heart that can’t be faked. 

It’s one of those crystals that can help your physical, mental, and emotional health. It doesn’t matter for which purpose you’re using it, it’ll get the job done. 

Put it in your bathroom somewhere or even right next to your head on your bathtub. Its healing properties will let you feel much more balanced and happier than you would’ve ever thought you could be. 

Which crystals are NOT for the bathroom? 

As you may know, some crystals are not very water friendly. With the amount of condensation and water splashing in your bathroom, you definitely should keep them out of there. 

You need to be cautious with these crystals: Hematite, Labradorite, Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Malachite, and most importantly Moldavite. 

Make sure to keep these crystals out of your bathroom at all times, as they can’t handle water in any form. 

Now, with all of this information that you’ve gathered, I know you’ll make the right choice and embark on your spiritual journey with the perfect crystals!