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Rainbow Obsidian: The Crystal That Connects The Dark And Light

Rainbow Obsidian: The Crystal That Connects The Dark And Light

Just the name rainbow obsidian sounds like something ethereal that will make your head spin with beauty. And that’s exactly what will happen once you lay your eyes on this crystal.

Rainbow Obsidian means so much to indigenous people. Throughout history, they’ve used it to create weapons, talismans, and even simple household items. 

It’s mostly found in Mexico and some parts of the United States. 

Every obsidian has a dark black color, but under the right conditions, and the right light, you can see certain colors within rainbow obsidian. Those are, of course, the naturally mined crystals that people find. 

However, some tend to make fake crystals – ones that have vibrant colors – and simply sell them as the real deal. The natural stone is sight for sore eyes, and it can’t be mistaken. The colors can only be enhanced if you polish it well. 

Those gorgeous colors within this stone are created by nanoparticles of Hedenbergite that have been caught in volcanic glass. The volcanic glass itself is created when, after a volcano eruption, the lava cools down. 

There are so many good things to be said about this stone. People have used it for ages for its healing properties, for the pure love and passion that it represents, and for the hope that shines from within it. 

Okay, wait, let me quit babbling and get into the info you’re here for! 

The spiritual healing properties of rainbow obsidian 

Rainbow obsidian is by the sheer look of it a great representation of the light and the dark within us. 

We have a tendency to run away from the dark side of our souls. We believe that by ignoring its existence, it will just disappear. Which is absolutely impossible. 

In your spiritual journey, you’ll have to face your demons. You won’t be able to heal just by looking at the light within you and not addressing those dark corners. 

That’s where this wonderful gem comes in handy. It makes the passage between your two sides much easier for you to handle. You’ll be able to explore who you are deep within.

In order to start your healing process, you’ll have to deal with your traumatic past, your fears, and all of your insecurities. You won’t be able to just move on from them without actually talking about them and processing those emotions properly.

Your spiritual journey is about breaking down generational trauma and finding new tools to help you become the best version of yourself. 

It clears out the negative energy that’s been trapped within you. When all of this healing is done, you’ll only have space for positive energy that can then fill you to the brim. 

Rainbow obsidian will help you go through the pain that’s been accumulating within you. You can feel this pain block you from becoming the amazing person that you were always meant to be. 

So, once you learn how to use this stone properly, you’ll be able to enter those deepest and darkest parts of your being. It may sound scary, but it’s genuinely worth it. 

The emotional and mental healing properties of rainbow obsidian

I would dare to say that rainbow obsidian brings productivity into your emotional state. 

What does that mean? Let me explain. 

This crystal will help you let go of emotional ties to previous partners much more quickly. You’ll understand your value to the point where you’ll start understanding why things between you and your ex simply didn’t work out. 

It can also help you move on to a new partner. I don’t mean this in the sense of a rebound, but actually in a productive way. You’ll be able to realize who’s actually good for you and your emotional health, and you’ll go after that person. 

Emotionally speaking, it’s not very healthy to jump from one relationship to the next. However, if you use rainbow obsidian for your spiritual growth in the way that we’ve talked about before, you’ll also be able to postpone your soulmate. 

I know. That sounds bizarre, right? 

One other thing that this crystal is very good at is reminding us to think logically about our emotions. 

We tend to get so lost in our emotions and feelings that we lose touch with reality. We become so focused on feelings that we forget to analyze them. 

I’m not saying that you have to always intellectualize your emotions, I’m just saying that sometimes you’re just being dramatic – and you know that just as well as I do!

Rainbow obsidian will help you think clearly. Instead of losing yourself in an abyss of emotions, you’ll actually be able to experience the good sides of bad emotions. 

You’ll start using your sadness and anger to learn new things about yourself. You won’t feel like you’re crumbling under your emotions, but you’ll utilize everything that they have to offer. 

That’s what will give you the ultimate mental and emotional strength to go through life with your head held high! 

The physical healing properties of rainbow obsidian

Rainbow obsidian is the perfect stone to help you get rid of any stress-related illnesses. 

You know that so many people in this world have major health issues because of the stress that they’re enduring on a daily basis. They lie on their deathbeds because of stress, and they can’t change their faith then. 

Healers have always used crystals and their high vibrational energy to heal people from these risky feelings. You’re not just going to break mentally and emotionally under the pressures of society, but your body will crumble as well. 

It’s known that this wonderful crystal can help aid bruises and sore muscles. People have used them as massage tools and energetic portals to help wounds heal easier. 

Other than that, it doesn’t have many healing properties for your physical body. Its focus is on the emotional trauma that we all carry around with us. 

Either way, you should go and see an actual doctor if you’re experiencing health issues. Alternative medicine is amazing, but you can’t always rely on it to cure your very real problems. Crystals will aid your recovery, but they won’t treat serious illnesses. 

How to properly use this crystal 

The best way to use rainbow obsidian would be while doing shadow work. You can research shadow work, what it is, and how it can help you become your most authentic self. 

At the end of the day, you’ll have full control over the situation, even though you’ll have a strong emotional reaction to what’s going on. That’s when this wonderful crystal comes in. 

Once you start doing shadow work, you’ll feel like you’re digging up very dark parts of yourself, and you’ll be overwhelmed with emotions. You won’t be able to think straight. 

That’s when you can turn to your little crystal helper. Its main purpose is to guide you through the dark parts of your being and to regulate your emotions. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for all along? 

You can even meditate with it. However, make sure that you’re really in a safe space. It won’t be a completely calm meditation. 

Even though rainbow obsidian has a calming effect on some people, it will challenge you to open up. It’ll challenge you to show your true self. 

While you’re meditating, you’re at your most vulnerable. You’re not able to control everything completely, so the curiosity that comes with using this stone may lead you down dark paths. 

You can simply put it somewhere near yourself when you’re meditating to feel its full effect. 

Some people also tend to use it as jewelry and carry it around with them wherever they go. I do believe that this is a wonderful stone, but I wouldn’t recommend this to you. 

Especially if you’re new on your journey of self-discovery. It’s so much safer to keep a piece of this rock in your home, where you know that you’re completely safe. 

How to properly clean and cleanse this crystal 

It’s very important to charge and cleanse your crystals. They get filled with negative energy throughout the day and they need a moment to fill up with positive vibrations. 

Use a singing bowl to cleanse the energy of this stone. Rainbow obsidian will let the sound penetrate deep within to get all that harmful energy out. 

To charge it, use the moonlight. The moon has such pure, gentle, and feminine energy. It represents the Three Goddesses and as the ruler of the night, it will help this dark stone become so much more powerful. 

Cleaning your crystals physically is also important, believe it or not. Negativity doesn’t just travel through energy. It also travels through dirt and dust that accumulates on it during the day. 

If you want to clean your rainbow obsidian, you need to use water. Simple, clear water, without adding any chemicals, which could possibly damage the stone. 

A small and quick scrub with a gentle toothbrush will do so much good. And just like that, it’ll be ready to fight off those demons of yours!