Rainbow Obsidian: Important Facts You Should Know

Rainbow Obsidian is not only very pretty but also super powerful. Read on to learn more about this crystal.

Ever feel full of stress and negative energy from a days work, or coming out of a bad argument?

Ever wanted to have that negativity flushed out of your system, as in some cases, gets carried over the next day, even after a good sleep, will leave a bad aura and will just ruin your whole day.

A great way for these bad energy released is by using an obsidian stone. It works as an absorbent to relieve stress inducing negative energy as well keep you focused and filled with good energy.

One of the most rare and popular variant of obsidians are rainbow obsidians or sometimes called fire obsidians, which has multiple layers of color hues from blue, purple, red, and yellow, that brightens when light is illuminated into the stone.

We will talk about this amazing crystal, and explore its meaning, benefits, varieties, as well as how you can cleanse and recharge it.

Rainbow Obsidian Meaning

An obsidian is a result of a felsic lava from a volcanic eruption. It cools by pressure and water which forms this raw piece of rock or stone.

The obsidian itself is not necessarily a stone, but a form of volcanic glass, which is usually a solid black color, which is a ‘default’ color of an obsidian. It gets its color when small particles of magnetite or hematite, is mixed in with the felsic lava during its rapid cooling process.

In the early history of obsidians, before metal was discovered or introduced, these stones are utilized by Native Americans and other primitive people as hunting tools or knives as early as 700,000 BC, due to its conchoidal fracture (a thing with smooth curved surface and sharp edges).

It is also used as ornaments and mirrors by Aztecs and ancient Greek civilizations. Most of the discovered sharp stone artifacts where fashioned and made from obsidian. It was also polished to create sophisticated items in the Neolithic, and was used as a trading item in Sicily and Croatia.

Rainbow Obsidian Properties

Regular obsidians are rich in silica, which is a bone-strengthening ability that assists the flow of calcium to your bones and body.

It is also low in water and has a chemical composition similar to rhyolite, which forms the structural integrity of the stone.

Obsidians has a glassy look due to its crystal origins, but it is slightly harder than regular window glass. The standard obsidian is usually black in color if we only consider lava and water.

However, the colored or iridescent variants are made through hematite, an iron oxide, being mixed to the lava during the cooling process.

Other variants such as the ones with gold or silver sheen, are pockets of air bubbles that expand when heated. Like all glass and some other naturally occurring rocks like crystals, obsidians breaks with a noticeable, sharp and smooth fracture.

Rainbow Obsidian Benefits

Rainbow obsidian welcomes hope, clear focus, and positive energy into the most impenetrable and stale areas of an emotional body, and generates a spiritual brightness into the aura of a physical body.

  • It is a great support for alleviating depression, mood swings, despair, stress, or fears. It also helps cleanse and align all Chakras, as it absorbs negative energy from your aura, drawing off torment and stress from the body.
  • It generates gratification and happiness to our health, and helps us be more optimistic and engaged in our daily routines.
  • It is a great element around your meditation as it further helps the calming experience and having a steady mindset.

Since rainbow obsidians or any other obsidians, have a black color base, it can blend well to your clothes or any aesthetic theme you wanted to achieve in your room, your house, or even office space.

Due to its wonderful sheen and great molds like hearts, stars, spheres, or any obsidian sculpture, it is great as a display piece that also serves as a ward from bad energy.

Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Pairings

While the rainbow obsidian alone is a great tool to ward off and protect you from negative energy, you may pair some other stones and crystals that can further boost the wellness experience, as well as adhering to different moods and scenarios that you face in your daily life.

Here are some of the pairings that you can use with your rainbow obsidian:

Black Kyanite

It will provide strength and guidance to your fragile heart, while maintaining a sense of courage when opening up to new relationships. It also is a great unwanted energy absorbent and will help your emotions heal faster.

FYI: Black kyanite is a powerful stone that has been used to promote physical healing, mental stability, and spiritual growth. It has the ability to purify thoughts and emotions. Black kyanite also helps balance energy in the body by assisting with cellular communication.

Rose Quartz

A great way for you to recover mentally or spiritually as it is a great way to absorb positive and motivating energy.

FYI: Rose Quartz is a gemstone that has been used for centuries. It is believed that it can be used to improve a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It is also a stone of compassion. The rose quartz crystal can help with problems such as fear, insecurity, stress, and anger by filling the heart with love and light.


Will help you feel grounded and focused at difficult times, and will help restore the lost energy during the hard moments. Also provides you with strength and reassurance that you will surpass any challenges that life brings you.

FYI: Eudialyte is a precious gemstone that can be found in various colors. It contains a high percentage of Lithium and Beryllium which have both been shown to have positive effects on depression.


Paired with a rainbow obsidian, will help you get through trauma and emotional grief. A great combination during this time of pandemic where grief and trauma is a regular emotional occurrence.

FYI: Rhodonite is a mineral containing manganese, magnesium, and iron. It’s a great alternative to aluminium for less-expensive but still lightweight building materials. In addition to being inexpensive, it can help improve the environment because it doesn’t require extensive mining operations for its production.


After using a rose quartz, or rhodonite, you may want to transition to a moldovite and obsidian combinations. This will guide your heart and mind on making the right decision. It also opens your mind to useful information on helping you transition smoothly to a new journey of love.

FYI: Moldovite is a greenish-brown gemstone that was discovered in a mine in the Bohemian Massif. Moldovite is a variety of olivine or peridot and it can be found in many different colors including green, yellow, brown, black and pink.

Varieties of Rainbow Obsidian

There are multiple varieties of rainbow obsidians that you may find useful in certain areas or scenarios. Below are some of the varieties that will improve the quality of your aura, and create a protective blanket from unwanted energy.

Small Stones

You can use small stones and position them all over your room, office space, or house for protection and to ward off negative energy.

Small tumbled stones are also ideal if you wanted to create a grid area for your meditation space, more like to serve a path or guide for the good energy to easily enter your body, or to have an overall protective shield.

Large Stones

Large stones like spheres or any shape that can fit the palm of your hand, are great for warding off or absorbing high amounts of negative energy.

It also releases good energy that will help you focus in times of deep anxiety, upcoming exams or tests, or any task that you may find challenging while your body and soul is not in a cooperative state.


Rainbow obsidian can be shaped in different ways.

This means that it can also take in a form of jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and ring tips. The widely used or common form is the beaded bracelet, as this type of jewelry not only protects you from bad energy, but it also welcomes hope and good luck.

Other forms are a center piece for a necklace, usually shaped in a heart or a sphere. It is ideal for it to be near your heart, as it allows your heart to heal, and forgive and forget the past relationships. It also strengthens your heart to make better decisions in life.

Rainbow obsidian jewelry is ideal if you wanted that protective aura all the time, especially if you are going out and around people that you do not want their bad energy to overwhelm your good energy.

How to Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian

Since obsidians work as a negative energy absorbent, and holds that energy while preventing it from being released back or enter to another being, it tends to work less if it stores a lot of this energy overtime.

Luckily, we can recharge or cleanse these stones so it can start absorbing negative energy once again. It is important that you keep your obsidians cleansed or recharged regularly or at least once a month, as we ourselves absorb these negative energy on a daily basis. we rely on it to work effectively for us to have a peace of mind.

Here are a few ways you can cleanse or recharge your rainbow obsidians:

  • Rinse the stone in running water. Allow it to rinse for about a minute or two, then dry it with a clean cloth.
  • Recharge it under the moonlight. Place the obsidian on a clay or glass container, and leave it overnight under the moonlight
  • Bury it in your garden for at least 2 days. This will allow the wonderful nature energy to be absorbed, and replaces the negative energy.
  • Burn sage or incense. Light the end of the sage or incense, and hold it with your dominant hand. Your other hand will hold the obsidian and move it around the smoke. Move it around the smoke for about 30 seconds.
  • Cleanse with sound and vibration. Place the obsidian inside a singing bowl and hit it with a tuning fork or a chime, and allow the vibrations to break and release all that stored negative energy.
  • If not in use, place the stone in a spread of Himalayan salt.

In general, you can place it in areas where you can generate natural energy such as sunlight, moonlight, ground, trees, vegetation, and even calming sounds like chirping birds, chimes, and wind sounds from trees.

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