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12 Important Relationship Rules Women With High Standards Follow

12 Important Relationship Rules Women With High Standards Follow

Have you ever thought about strong women? What makes them so special? Why are some men afraid to start a serious relationship with them? Do they actually have high standards or are they just being realistic and self-aware?

If you’d ask any of these strong women to define what they expect from romantic relationships, I can bet you wouldn’t hear those cheesy answers. They wouldn’t tell you that they’re waiting for their Prince Charming or their soulmate.

You wouldn’t even hear that they need someone to complete them. And, they definitely wouldn’t say that they would stay in a toxic relationship just because they’re afraid of being alone.

So, what would strong women with high standards tell you? What are the rules they follow in their relationships? Is it possible to join the club?

I’m sure it is; you just have to go through this code of conduct and make sure you stick to it.

1. They don’t ignore the problem when it arises

12 Important Relationship Rules Women With High Standards Follow

One of the first things we’ll mention is that strong women are not afraid of conflicts. You’ll never hear them say how they fled the crime scene and left it unprocessed.

Every single one of them will face the problems and make sure they are solved and not swept under the rug.

2. They’re not going to change to please their partner

It’s inevitable. People change in relationships and they do that unintentionally.

But the one thing a strong woman won’t do is change herself simply to please her partner. She’s confident and well aware of her worth, and she’s not going to adjust herself to another person’s mold.

3. They know their worth

A strong woman knows her worth and she’s not going to let anyone determine it but herself. She knows her strengths and she’ll never minimize her success. Not even to make her partner feel better.

She’s worked her whole life to become the person she is today and no one is going to take that away from her. No matter how much she loves this person, she’s still her number one priority.

4. They have a life outside a relationship

Her romantic life isn’t the only thing that makes her happy. She has hobbies that she enjoys and friends she hangs out with. Of course, her partner has a special place in her life but, he’s not her only focus.

Ask her to change this and she’ll be out. Right away.

5. They know they’re responsible for their happiness

A strong woman doesn’t need another person to make her happy, because she knows that her happiness is solely her responsibility.

Once she’s content with her life and satisfied on her own, all the blessings can only multiply when she’s with the right guy. Don’t you agree on this one?

6. They never beg for love

This woman knows how much she deserves and she expects you to treat her like that. The moment she realizes that she’s feeding on crumbs of love, she’ll wave you goodbye and move on.

Strong women are firm believers that you should never beg for love, no matter what. If a person cares about you, they’ll show it through their actions. End of story!

7. They deserve respect (even during arguments)

It would be incredibly boring if we were all the same and shared the same opinion about things, right? Because of our differences, it’s expected that we argue.

Strong women require respect even during fights and won’t handle being called names. And they definitely won’t stand when someone raises their voice at them.

8. They need time for themselves

Not only that strong women need alone time, but they will also ask for it in a relationship. And sometimes, their partners won’t agree with this.

Unfortunately, if they want to have these women by their side, they’ll have to learn to respect their “me time”.

9. Relationship requires work from both sides and it’s not always 50:50

Women with high standards understand that relationships require work. They know both sides have to put in some effort but at the same time, they’re aware that it’s not always going to be 50:50.

At times, they’ll have to work a bit harder, but they also won’t let anyone use them. As long as they see that their partner is making an effort, they’ll be willing to fight for love. Once that changes, they leave without words.

10. They ask for honesty

I think that this one is utterly important, not only in romantic relationships but in every single one you’re nurturing in your life.

In order to have healthy communication and connection with other people, you have to be honest with them, but you also have to ask them to treat you the same way in return. That’s only fair.

11. They openly talk about their feelings

12 Important Relationship Rules Women With High Standards Follow

Remember how I told you that strong women are confident? This is also one of the things which confirms my statement.

When you’re ready to openly talk about your feelings and you know how to vocalize your needs, there’s nothing that screams confidence more than that. And strong women definitely know how to do this.

12. They admit their mistakes

Every strong woman knows that we’re all bound to make mistakes. We’re human beings and it’s in our nature to misinterpret something or unintentionally hurt someone.

If she makes a mistake, she is ready to admit it and she’ll do her best to try and fix it.

So, to my fellow strong women out there…

Don’t let others convince you that you’re asking for too much or that your standards are too high. You deserve all of it and even more.

The relationship rules you’ve set don’t make you picky, prude, or stuck up and nobody has the right to tell you differently.

Proudly follow this still unwritten code of conduct and congratulate that little girl you once were. She finally grew up to be the woman she always wanted to be. I’m sure you’ll inspire other women to eventually get out of their comfort zones and be everything they ever wanted.

And I hope you’re truly happy because you’ve come out of your shell. It took a lot of courage and boldness to do so. So please, give yourself a hug and breeze through life with a smile on your face.