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Here’s Why Each Zodiac Sign Should Stay Single For Now

Here’s Why Each Zodiac Sign Should Stay Single For Now

We all want to experience true love and that warm feeling spreading throughout our entire bodies. There’s nothing better than those butterflies swarming in the pit of your belly and your heart skipping a beat every time you think of your partner.

However, it can be pretty hard to find happiness like this. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you’re not ready to be involved in a romantic relationship no matter how good it might be for you. You simply feel like you’re not there yet.

If this is exactly how you feel, then this is why some zodiac signs should stay single for now and try their luck sometimes later.


Here's Why Each Zodiac Sign Should Stay Single For Now

This zodiac sign is known to be quite ambitious and feisty. Therefore, you like to focus on your career and all the things that await you in the future.

Perhaps you should stay single for now until you sort your business life out. Then you can entirely focus on finding your soulmate.

If you decide to intertwine the two with haste, things might go downhill pretty quickly. So, it’s crucial you sort out your priorities. Only after you do that, you’ll be able to distribute your energy the right way.


Even though they’re one of the most stubborn signs out there, Taureans still have other qualities worth mentioning.

One of their traits is loyalty and it’s a characteristic that’s highly valuable nowadays.

However, getting over a recent heartbreak might be tough for this sign, so they shouldn’t rush into new things until they’ve completely healed.


As a Gemini, you’re too focused on yourself and your needs. You like to have fun and visit places. Long story short, Geminis will put themselves first and there’s not much you can do to change that.

Therefore, you should stay single for now because you’re not entirely ready to be involved in a romantic relationship with someone. 

You might end up being selfish and that’s not something you want. So, don’t rush but rather wait until you’re ready. That way, you’ll avoid hurting others along the way.


Hey Cancer, focus on your mental health before you get entangled with someone. You should ensure you’re in the right state of mind before putting your heart on the line.

You don’t want someone to play with your emotions because you weren’t able to figure out whether they had good intentions or not.

That’s why you need to focus on understanding your own needs, wants, and wishes first. Make sure you fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with someone else.

Once you feel like you know exactly what you want (and how to get it), go ahead and put yourself out there.


Leos should stay single for the purpose of focusing on themselves. If you’re feeling a bit on edge lately, a new partner won’t change things much.

You have to work on improving your life and start from within because that’s where the real change begins. Don’t try to please others before fulfilling your needs first.

It can be hard for others to notice you’re struggling because you always seem so confident. So just do what needs to be done and let yourself grow.

Only then you’ll be able to get back in the dating scene and look for your other half.


If you didn’t already know this, Virgos are known to be the perfectionists among zodiac signs. Quite literally as well.

This means they like to put in effort for long-term things such as their career. If this is exactly how you feel, you should consider staying single for now until you get things in the right order.

Having someone else by your side when the timing’s off might mess things up for you. Your meticulous soul might find it hard to cope with that change so it’s always better to take your time.


Here's Why Each Zodiac Sign Should Stay Single For Now

Libras are the signs that give all they have to other people. This is a lovely trait, but it can be quite disadvantageous for them.

Therefore, give yourself some time before running head-first into a relationship. Go places, do things that make you happy, and work on growing as a person.

Don’t be afraid to offer yourself as much love as you offer to others. Once you do that, you’ll be ready for a relationship.


Ah, these heartless people. Honestly, this zodiac sign has been dealing with some major stereotypes which is the reason why everyone sees them as bad guys.

They’re not cold but quite the opposite. The reason why they need to stay single for a little while is to build their own confidence.

They might act like they don’t care about other people’s opinions but it’s not true and we all know that words can sting. So, devoting time to themselves is what they need the most right now.


Their carefree spirit is often regarded as being aloof and distant. Sagittarians want to enjoy life and discover new and exciting things.

Well, why not do just that? Take some time for yourself to figure out what you really like to do in the future.

This way, you won’t hurt others in the process of finding something you enjoy. Most importantly, you won’t sabotage yourself on the way to your goal.


Capricorns can be really stubborn sometimes. So, if they’re looking for love, they’ll be really adamant about it.

However, this idea of true love can make them go mad because they focus too much on it. This can also make a Capricorn neglect their friends and family.

You don’t want to be that person who loses touch with your own flesh and blood and childhood best friend just because you think it’s about time to settle down.

So, take it easy and see where life will take you. Just because you want to find someone right now doesn’t mean that the timing is right for you.


Aquarius is someone who isn’t easily pleased. People born under this sign are highly intelligent and like to engage in deep, meaningful conversations.

So, you shouldn’t really rush to share your life with someone just because you feel pressured to. You should stay single for now until you find someone who ACTUALLY fulfills your needs.

Otherwise, you’ll both end up being miserable because things aren’t working as you imagined them to.


It’s kind of obvious that emotions rule the Pisces world. There’s nothing wrong with that but it can certainly take a toll on you.

You need to become the most important person in your life and put yourself first. This will help you build your confidence back because giving unconditional love to others can be draining.

All in all, whenever you feel pressured to do something no matter the reason, take a seat and think about it.

Ask yourself if that is really something that will benefit you. Sometimes, it’s not about the things we want. It’s more about the stuff we need.

At the end of the day, life might take a little drop from you in order to give you the ocean. So, be patient and things will sort themselves out.